Services & Supports

For Children, Youth & Adults with Disabilities

Perspectives' continuum of care provides services and support to individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities at all life stages, from birth to adulthood.



Early Intervention

ages 0-3

Perspectives provides culturally and linguistically affirmative resources, education, and support to families with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child, in the home or other natural environments.

Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Services

ages 0-21+

Our licensed clinical social workers, mental health counselors and behavior specialists provide an array of therapeutic services accessible to individuals who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

ages 2-15

Our home-based services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder utilizes 1:1 instructional technology derived from principles that are based on more than 50 years of clinical research.

Home-Based Therapeutic Services

ages 3-21

Home-Based Therapeutic Services are designed for children and youth ages 3-21 with special health care needs or who are at risk for chronic physical, developmental or behavioral conditions.

Personal Assistance Services & Supports

ages 3-21

Personal Assistance Services & Supports are for eligible children who live at home and have been diagnosed with significant physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions.

Transitional School Services

ages 14-21

Pespectives' Transitional School Services program is committed to the fundamental values of dignity and respect for all students making the important transition from school based services to adulthood.

Children's Residential Services

ages 13-20

Perspectives' Childrens Residential Services provides 24-hour professional support in a therapeutic home setting for children, ages 13 - 20, who have been diagnosed with special health care needs.


Employment Services

ages 14-21+

Perspectives Corporation proudly supports community-based, integrated employment as a first priority and preferred outcome for people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities in Rhode Island.

Adult Day Services

ages 21+

Perspectives Adult Day Services is a community-based program helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their objectives, and engage in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Adult Residential Services

ages 21+

Perspectives has been providing community-based residential services for adults with disabilities since 1977, ensuring that their homes and lives meet their hopes and expectations.

Independent Living

ages 21+

Non-24-hour Adult Residential Services provides participants the opportunity of an independent living situation that does not require around-the-clock care or on-site overnight support.

Shared Living Arrangements

ages 21+

Shared Living Arrangements provide the opportunity for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to live with an eligible SLA family and enjoy all the benefits of living in a family environment.

Self Directed Services

ages 21+

Self-Directed Services provide personal choices for those who seek to lead truly person-centered lives, and empowers individuals with the ability to design, implement and manage a service plan that best fits their needs.