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Transitional School Services

Youth & Family Services

Perspectives' Transitional School Services (TSS) program is committed to supporting students in transitioning from school-based services to adult services. We empower students by providing them with hands-on experiences that teach valuable life skills, as well as help them find and enjoy opportunities to socialize and make new connections in their community.

TSS tailors its programming with students’ unique strengths, interests, and goals in mind, providing a bridge between schools and the community. We work cooperatively with all involved parties to ensure that each student’s goals are achievable. In fact, the community becomes the classroom: one that enhances a student's future potential and prepares them and their families for the transition to adulthood after their school years.

Vocational Development and Support

Our services focus on identifying and developing the skills required for success in the workplace after graduation. These learning experiences take place in "real world" settings, where students learn firsthand the rewards and responsibilities of full participation in today's work force. Perspectives also offers the support of our Employment Resource Network in Warwick RI and can facilitate relationships with the Office of Rehabilitation Services and NetWork RI.

Services available include:

  • Pre-Placement Assessments and Interest Surveys
  • Resume and Portfolio Building
  • Job Development
  • On Site Job Coaching and Supports
  • Transportation Training
  • Clinical Consultation

Clinical Consultation

Perspectives has a skilled team of clinical professionals with a wide array of talents and expertise. We offer these services, and others, to educators who required intensive behavioral and psychological supports for their students:

  • Functional Assessment
  • Crisis/Physical Intervention Strategies
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Program Development
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

Community-Based Activities and Skills Development

We recognize the important role a student's community plays in their overall development and transition to adult life. Community-based activities provide students with the resources necessary to not only achieve their personal goals, but also as a means of sharing their unique skills and gifts to make an impact on the world around them.

  • Instruction in Daily Living Skills
  • Transportation Training
  • Pedestrian Safety Skills
  • Meeting Academic Requirements through Community Involvement or Tutoring
  • Community Resource Exploration
  • Functional Money & Budgeting Skills
  • Health & Wellness Development
  • Development of Volunteer and Public Service Opportunities

Classroom Aide Support Services

Along with the transition to adulthood, Perspectives’ TSS naturally focuses on helping students achieve their academic goals, too. An individual’s success is more than a letter grade, and that’s why our professionals provide supplemental assistance in a variety of areas, including personal care, ambulation, communication, motivation, or behavioral intervention, in order to help them realize their full potential in an academic setting.

  • 1:1 staffing
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Management of daily class schedules
  • Facilitation of classroom participation and inclusion
  • Behavioral Supports/Consultation
  • Curriculum Adaptation
  • Positive Support Planning
  • Specialized personal care


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