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Perspectives Corporation

Community-Based Services

For Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Perspectives Adult Community-Based Services is a community-based program that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they enjoy all their local communities have to offer. We empower individuals to explore their interests, lead active and healthy lifestyles, and widen their social circle safely and comfortably, with our fully-trained staff providing the support and mentorship they need to discover new businesses, experiences, volunteer opportunities, and more.

In order to keep individuals safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as accommodate them during inclement weather and other situations that make leaving home difficult, they also have the option to participate in virtual services from the comfort of home. Together over Zoom, individuals can participate in games, educational demonstrations, and other social events.

Social Development & Activities

Perspectives provides many opportunities for individuals to connect with their communities—including meeting new people, joining clubs and organizations, touring local attractions in Rhode Island and southern New England, and growing their talents as employees and volunteers. With Perspectives’ Adult Community-Based Services, the people we support have made lasting connections with many nonprofit agencies in Rhode Island as both volunteers and customers. They’ve also enjoyed participating in local business events as entrepreneurs, artists, and more.

Every day, individuals have the opportunity to choose the activities that match their interests and goals. They spend the day with friends and staff, exploring Rhode Island’s many sights and businesses, all while building their confidence and practicing real-world skills such as money management, literacy, road safety skills, and public transportation protocol.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Whether through our community partners, such as Brown University’s Partners for Adult Learning (PAL) program and URI’s Best Buddy program, through more traditional teaching environments, or through hands-on experience in an individual’s day-to-day life, Perspectives is dedicated to ensuring individuals have the tools and supports they need to continue lifelong education in the topics that interest them. Life skills and academic development, language classes, completing one’s GED, vocational training, and college courses on a variety of subjects are just some of the ways we help individuals accomplish their goals.


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