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Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS)

Youth & Family Services

Perspectives' Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) program is provided to Medicaid-eligible children who live at home and have been diagnosed with significant physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions.

The PASS Care Plan

In the PASS program, the family shares supervision of the staff with Perspectives. This consumer-directed program is designed to have the family at the forefront of identifying the treatment needs, as well as give them the ability to choose what staff will facilitate them. The family's responsibilities include recruitment, training, management, and supervision of PASS professionals working with their child.

Flexibility and Choice

This means they have the flexibility and responsibility of managing their service hours on a weekly basis, and Perspectives, as the PASS agency and staff employer, will support the family in these areas as needed. Perspectives also collaborates with the family to develop a PASS Care Plan, which contains child-specific goals that promote skill development both in the home and community environments. This plan focuses on improving your child's ability to complete daily living skills, practice necessary safety skills at home and in the community, and participate in social roles and social settings with confidence.

Our Support Team

Perspectives’ support team is comprised of a Clinical Consultant and a PASS Coordinator who will work with each family to ensure that the service plans are appropriate for your child's needs, and make any changes that are necessary to foster your child’s development and independence.

After a plan is developed, and you’ve found the preferred PASS professional for your family, they’ll work with you to complete your plan’s objectives—and with your staff and Perspectives’ guidance along the way, you can be sure your child will get the support they need in a way that best fits your schedule.


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