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By Sara Porcaro | Dec 7, 2021
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It was a sudden shift, March 2020. Most of the traffic on the roads disappeared seemingly overnight, what with professionals kept out of their offices and out of the public space. There were many jobs that were cut outright, thanks to the new regulations to encourage people to shelter in place, and on the other hand, the essential workers--nurses, retail employees, Direct Support Professionals, and others--found their workload increasing, with the added stress of protecting their own health on top of protecting others.
Even now, with terms like the Great Resignation making headlines, it's become clear that there are professionals who just want a change. The pandemic helped them realize their old normal wasn't suiting them anymore--and the new normal has brought them countless more opportunities. For some Rhode Islanders, however, opportunity came in the form of returning to work they loved: as Direct Support Professionals here at Perspectives.


Certainly, there were many across Rhode Island's human services agencies that opted to stay home rather than risk exposing their families, themselves, or the individuals they support. Even for the many essential workers who chose to stay, it was no walk in the park; in early 2020, there were DSPs who had been separated from families and friends for weeks. They lived in isolation at hotels like Extended Stay America and had groceries delivered to minimize the risk of exposure between them and individuals they support as much as possible--a huge sacrifice.
As the pandemic continued, and the need for such isolation came to an end, though, the pandemic presented other challenges for the workforce. There were many professionals who had to take a step back from the work itself, like DSP Chris Charette, who sought to switch up his days with a different line of work. But after a few months, he found he didn't enjoy his new job or the hours as much as the work he did at Perspectives, and so he re-applied to work with his former team. Now, Chris spends his work days once again helping individuals get ready for their day and explore their communities safely, and he's enjoying his time back.
"The work was just getting to me a little mentally," Chris admits, "but I missed working with everyone, so I re-applied, and the process was so smooth. I'm glad to be back with the individuals I worked for, and with my team, too; I've got great connections with everyone here."
Some, like DSP Jacqueline Tetreault, left after years with Perspectives to make a change in their career. Jacqueline stepped away from Perspectives to pursue her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), as she needed to focus on her classes to earn her license. But as she began her new career path, she found something missing: namely, the joy of seeing the individuals she supported and spending time with them. While she now still pursues her CNA work, she also decided this October to reach out and take up shifts where she can throughout the week and on weekends. After coming back, she stepped into the work right away with her supportive team members at her side, and to her, it feels like she never left.
"I just really missed the individuals I worked with," Jacqueline says. "Each day is different and exciting, and I'm glad to be working here again. It's such a fun job; anyone who is missing this kind of work should definitely come back if they're thinking about it."


"We understand, especially after the pandemic, that people might have had to leave for many different personal reasons," says HR Recruiter Meghan Judd, "and so long as an employee is eligible for re-hire, we're always glad to welcome them back."
In fact, the process to be rehired at Perspectives is fairly quick, depending on the amount of time an employee has been away. For eligible professionals employed at Perspectives within a year before leaving, coming back is as simple as conducting an interview on their availability and experience and finding programs with openings to match their schedules. For those who have been gone longer than a year, they're able to apply through the website and refresh their knowledge in New Employee Orientation. But all in all, their familiarity with the job, their connections with their teams, and the relationships they've built with individuals they support, make it an easy transition back into a fulfilling and exciting role--one that, thanks to the recent budget increase from the State of Rhode Island, provides a little more financial security, too. And Perspectives' "thank you" culture--one that values employees' hard work and dedication while providing them the support they need to keep doing their best--is also a top reason to return.
"Everyone needs to pay bills," Meghan adds. "So many of our professionals are not motivated by money--they love the work they do--but the increase in pay definitely helps them be able to stay in this job, and it's one of the reasons that we've seen people come back."
For those who loved their work in human services and are thinking of returning after their time away, there's no time like the present to make the change! Perspectives always has spots open, with flexible schedules and fantastic teams. We're dedicated to staying open with our past and present employees; while we're forever thankful for those who have stayed on at Perspectives throughout the pandemic, we also understand the need to take a step back and do what's best for oneself and their families--and we're glad to be able to welcome professionals back with open arms. And of course, whether you're returning or applying for the first time, you can always check out our open positions at our Careers page.


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