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Meet Mike: 12 Years of Making a Difference at Stop and Shop

By Jason Carpenter | Apr 17, 2024
Perspectives Rhode Island Supported Employment for Disabilities

Have you ever wondered about the people behind your seamless grocery pickup experience? Meet Mike, a dependable presence at Stop and Shop, known for his enthusiastic greeting as he handles the Online Grocery Pickup service. Starting his career in 2012 at the Richmond store, Mike has been a dedicated worker who rarely misses a shift. He’s worked in various roles, from pushing carriages to bagging groceries, each position helping him build a reputation as a reliable team member.
Ready for a new challenge, Mike wanted to find another way to contribute while staying with the company he loved. Eager to keep growing, he sought the expertise of Perspectives Employment Services to help navigate his next career move.

A New Role, A New Success

With the support from Perspectives, Mike recently transitioned to the Online Grocery Pickup team, where he has truly flourished. This change allowed him to leverage his customer service skills in new ways, directly enhancing customer interactions and streamlining their experience with online orders. His successful shift is a brilliant example of how supportive, adaptable employment practices can significantly benefit both employees and their workplaces.
Let's congratulate Mike on his remarkable 12-year journey with Stop and Shop and celebrate many others like him who strive every day to make a positive impact, not just at work, but in every interaction they have. His long-standing dedication exemplifies how supportive and adaptable employment practices can enrich our workforce. Together, let's continue to champion and expand what’s possible in the workplace.

Partner With Us: Make a Difference in Your Community

Are you ready to join us in making our workforce more diverse and inclusive? Partner with Perspectives to support employment for individuals with disabilities. Enhance your team's capabilities and make a lasting impact in our community. Let’s create success stories together!
Interested in making a difference? Contact us today to get started.


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