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Taking Life by the Reins: Joe's New Opportunities with Friends

By Sara Porcaro | Nov 23, 2022
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Even in the era of smartphones and social media, it's hard to make new friends sometimes. But when you put your mind to it, and you're as outgoing, upbeat, and full of adventure as Joe, anything is possible--especially when you decide to change the way you get out into the community. And for Joe, the decision to explore his services through shared supports at the Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center (ALMC) brought him exactly what he was looking for!
Joe, who receives Adult Day Services (ADS) with Perspectives, has a list of goals he's looking to accomplish over time, including getting more exercise through bike riding and sports, learning better budgeting skills, and enjoying new things in the community. But one of his major goals this year has been to make new friends--and as he now starts his day with a crew of like-minded individuals at the ALMC, he's finding it easier than ever to meet new people and enjoy trips out into the community. Whether looking through books at the library with the friends he's making, or spending time out at the orchards during peak apple-picking season, Joe's loving the chance to get out and make the most of his community with others.
"Before coming to the ALMC, I was doing similar things each day," Joe says. "Now, I've made all kinds of new friends--Nico and Abby, Vinny and Christine, and a lot more--and it's exciting, to be able to do more and hang out."
On the average day, Joe is already a fun-loving, social person. Time alone he spends recreating NASCAR logos, collecting toy cars and trucks, and watch NASCAR races and movies. But when he's with family and friends, he's the life of the party, always glad to celebrate milestone events with others and dance the night away. There's always a party, be it a wedding, a birthday, or another occasion worth celebrating, and with friends and family, Joe's always there to make the most of it. Then there's also his friends at his church that he loves to see every Sunday, where he finds plenty of community and support among friendly faces. Weekends are packed with activity, with places to go and people to see--and the only frustration is that there's not as much to do in the car ride to and from each stop.
I've been having a lot of fun with everyone here [at the ALMC]. I'm looking forward to all the new things to do with everyone."
"I like to stay active," Joe says, "and I've been having a lot of fun with everyone here [at the ALMC]. I'm looking forward to all the new things to do with everyone."
Some of those things include Special Olympics' many different games. Joe's already got plans to practice and enroll in the games with his friends, and he's especially looking forward to baseball season. He's also a big fan of bowling, and the more time he spends with his new friends, the more chances they all have to get out together and have a blast each day. As the year comes to a close, we're cheering Joe on in all his goals--and we're excited for all the changes he's made to make his daily life that much more of an ongoing adventure!


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