Designed for Efficiency: Jared's Personalized Workflow at Apple Cinemas

By Sara Porcaro | Jul 19, 2022
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Jared Stocking Candy at Apple Cinemas

Sometimes, when we run into a problem, we know there's a solution out there--that there's more than one way to address the issue--and yet we draw blanks every time. But it only takes one new point of view to find a solution to a problem that's we've been stuck on, and at Apple Cinemas, those solutions have been pouring in thanks to a talented, thorough, and dedicated new employee: Jared!
Apple Cinema is a new franchise of cinemas that recently took over several theaters, including the old Showcase Cinema at the Warwick Mall. Since March 3rd, the cinema has been building up their theater capacity, as well as hiring new employees to welcome customers to a new movie experience. It's a new look for the cinema, a new crew, and, for Jared, it was a new opportunity to see how he might like working at a similar place with a work trial. It didn't take long for Jared to not only get a hang of the job; he also impressed the crew, who loved the tools he came up with to do his job quickly and efficiently, and loved his friendly, can-do attitude. That's why, after his work trial ended, he was invited to apply for a permanent position!

Nailing Down the Job: Jared's System for Efficiency

"He's a great guy," says Jared's supervisor, Zach. "We all love him; he's hardworking, devoted, and always does what he can to help out. We know we can depend on him."
Three times a week, Jared comes in to the cinema, working as an Usher to make sure the place stays running smoothly for customers. He does a deep clean of the bathrooms, lobby, and theater rooms, stocks candy and other materials, helps customers find their theater, and more. Better yet, as he worked with Vocational Specialist Jaclyn (Jackie) McKenna Tyghter, he's brought on tools and procedures that not only help him to get his work done, but have helped his coworkers master their workflow just as much. From checklists with pictures of all the candy that needs restocking, to differently colored rags that match with colors of different spray bottles used throughout the theater, Jared and Jackie have worked together to create these tools.
"Jared has actually been instrumental in helping the rest of the crew figure out the best way to handle the cleaning," says Jackie. "This theater is so new that they were still figuring things out as they went, and they really like the way Jared does things, so much so that they're training other employees to do things his way, too!"
"They really like the way Jared does things, so much so that they're training other employees to do things his way, too!"
And they're methods and tools Jared designed with everyone in mind. Pictures mean that anyone who has trouble reading can use the candy checklist, and the list itself means no one has to worry about forgetting something on the way to the stock room. Different colored rags and spray bottles mean that one can know at first glance which spray goes on which surface (such as stainless steel cleaner vs. glass cleaner), and know not to cross contaminate surfaces, which is an especially big deal during the COVID-19 pandemic. And other tools, like a silicone squeegee, have been instrumental in reducing paper towel waste while cleaning up water at the sinks--so much so that the theater reimbursed Jared for the tool he bought to solve the problem.

Satisfaction In and Out of Work

"I like the work," Jared says. "It's nice. I like keeping the candy nice and neat."
It's satisfying, knowing that what Jared does is not only good work, but work that makes a difference for the rest of his team. He knows he's appreciated, and he has the confidence and focus that also makes the work enjoyable as he gets down to business each shift. And better yet is saving up the money he earns, which he puts aside for things he enjoys, such as books about nature and days out with friends. He loves spending time swimming at the beach, and a good summer cookout on these hot days is the perfect way to hang out with others while also enjoying his favorite food: a good, hearty cheeseburger. But overall, Jared is absolutely rocking his work at Apple Cinemas, and he leaves every shift feeling great about his contributions to the team!
"I knew Jared could do it, if only someone gave him the chance," Jackie says, "and sure enough, he's doing amazing. I helped him find the opportunity, but he's the one who put in the work and excelled at it, and it's amazing to see how he's just owned his role."
This summer's already shooting by, and Jared's spending it the best way: having fun with friends and doing great work at his job. With the way his coworkers smile and greet him, the way they support and use his methods to get their work done, and the way they sing his praises, he knows he's in a place where his work is valued. He knows he's an important member of the team, and between that and the satisfaction of a job well done, there's no better feeling. Congratulations, Jared, on such a great new job!


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