Diving Into New Year's Resolutions with Diane, Bayley, and Joyce

By Sara Porcaro | Jan 11, 2022
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Diane and Joyce

The special thing about the New Year--aside from celebrating all that we've seen, done, and experienced in the year past--is right in the name: it's new. A chance for new beginnings, new goals, and new opportunities starts in the winter, getting us ready for all of our favorite things to come again and giving us the confidence to pursue things outside our comfort zone. While we're all committed to doing our best work and living our best lives no matter what time of year, this is the time for thinking ahead--and fun-loving individuals like Bayley, Diane, and Joyce are already looking forward to all the great memories they'll make in 2022!
December came and went in a flurry of festive, cozy holiday fun for these ladies, who spent their days soaking up the end-of-year cheer and spending time with friends and family. Joyce also spent Christmas day with her husband, Bob, and got a few gifts to surprise him with as they spent their time enjoying a family dinner and a cozy day indoors. Diane, celebrating with her out-of-state family a week early, had a wonderful time with family, catching up with her niece and nephew and later celebrating at home with Joyce in Narragansett. As for Bayley, who celebrated with a small family gathering, she got the tools to kick off January right: a new phone and a Smart T.V. to watch her favorite shows. Then, to put the final sparkle on an already great year, she welcomed 2022 by celebrating her friend's birthday at LaSalette's holiday light exhibit.
"I had a great year," Bayley says as she thinks on the past 12 months, "and I can't wait to do more this year. Hopefully COVID-19 goes away soon, though; it's hard to make plans with everything going on."
The pandemic has certainly made it more difficult to continue the traditions they love, as it has for countless people around the globe. Bayley and Diane are looking to get more active, with Bayley preparing for Special Olympics' snowboarding competitions and Diane looking forward to the bowling tournaments. Joyce, who is a former Special Olympics athlete, has taken a break from her athletics to stay safe during the pandemic, but she and Diane have been keeping fit with a membership at their local Planet Fitness and aim to be more active, eat healthier, and get back into their favorite sports. They're also continuing their artistic pursuits, with Joyce kicking up her nail art business and continuing to crochet, and Diane getting ready for her third annual art show, where she sells her painted wooden crafts.
"It feels good to make money off something I love," Diane notes, "and I'm excited to host another art show this year, to earn some more money for supplies."
"It feels good to make money off something I love."
"It's all about expressing yourself," Joyce adds. "It's relaxing, doing projects like crocheting and coloring. I've made a few things for friends and family, and I enjoy it."
And of course, with the Perspectives concert so freshly behind us, everyone's already planning a future Joyce is an incredible singer in the Perspectives Holiday Concert. It was held virtually in 2020, but in December 2021, she got back into St. Peter's By-the-Sea Episcopal Church to once again perform the songs she's sang with the Perspectives chorus for years. While she was nervous to be performing again after a year gap, she not only did an amazing job, but also had a wonderful time out with her fellow chorus members--and Bayley, after seeing the concert, is inspired to try for a solo in the 2022 program as one of her New Year's goals.
"I'm inspired by Angelica Hale," Bayley notes. "I want to sing like her, but with my own voice and style added to it. I'm practicing on my own now for the concert."
There's a full twelve months ahead, and with it, plenty of time for everyone to focus hard and reach the goals they've set for themselves. Bayley, Diane, and Joyce are already on track to make 2022 a fantastic, fun-filled year, and with all the things to look forward to as they sail through the rest of winter, we know they're excited to take on everything the new year has in store for them. Here's to an awesome 2022 for us all!


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