The Passion to Shine on the Job: Jill at Atria Bay

By Sara Porcaro | Dec 6, 2022
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Jill with her Employee of the Month award

A half of a year ago, the Person Centered Supported Employment Performance Program (PCSEPP) came to an end, but that certainly wasn't the end of the employment journey for all of its participants. In fact, as 2022 comes to a close, the time gone by means that many individuals have had the chance to take on new positions with all the new skills they've learned. And an example of someone who's not only picked up some awesome new skills from the program, but also found a stellar place to show off her talents, is Jill!
Jill works at Atria Bay Spring Community in Barrington three days a week. She's worked here for about a year, starting in January. It was during PCSEPP that Jill first had the chance to check out the facility, with Skills for Rhode Island's Future organizing the event for the program's job seekers. There, Jill got to see firsthand what kind of place she could potentially work in--and with her past twenty years of experience working in the Navy Base's laundry room, she was able to work with Atria to create a customized position centered on her already sharp skills. She's now working in the laundry room with the Housekeeping Department, and she's also got a set of duties that she loves and knows she's good at.
"I really like my job," Jill says. "Folding is my favorite part of doing laundry. Being here is great, and I think my favorite thing overall is bringing home a paycheck."
A paycheck that Jill is happy to bring to the bank and save for a rainy day. She's building her savings for future projects, vacations, and other things that make her feel excited and happy about each day. And with the holidays coming up, Jill, a family-oriented person, will no doubt have everything she needs to plan out plenty of great gifts and holiday fun. When she's not at work, she also enjoys going to the library, volunteering at Meals on Wheels, swimming and bowling for Special Olympics, playing pool, and much more. Her love for fun and adventure have her out and about outside working hours, and her dedication and enthusiasm for the job have her a team player that brings a smile to her coworkers' faces.
"I like the people I work with," she notes, "and I have a good time with my job coaches, too!"
And with the great work she does, and the spirit she puts behind it, Jill was awarded Employee of the Month for her performance on the job, which she showed off with pride to her friends and family. It's one thing to love the work you do, and a whole different thing to know the place you work appreciates your time and effort, too--and as Jill reflects on the year behind her, as well as makes goals for the year ahead, we know she's got both of these great feelings putting the wind in her sails at Atria! Way to go, Jill; you're doing amazing!


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