How Cheryl's Preparing for Summer in Shared Living Arrangements

By Sara Porcaro | May 18, 2021
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Cheryl Making Beaded Jewelry

When it comes to picturing a perfect day, the possibilities seem endless, especially with the beautiful late spring weather. Hikes outdoors, gardening, crafting, cooking--all of it are fantastic ways to fill the day, and for Cheryl, who especially loves all things arts and crafts, they're the things that bring a smile to her face. Peaceful living, day in and day out, with good company, homemade meals, and cozy comfort in a clean house--that's what Cheryl considers a place to call home. Now, Cheryl's looking to build a home of her own through Perspectives' Shared Living Arrangements, and she's looking for a Shared Living Provider who has the same idea of a day well spent--and a home well made!

Everyday Cheryl: How Cheryl Lives Her Life

A proper day starts with a proper breakfast--and for Cheryl, who enjoys sleeping in a little each day, that breakfast means a good cup of coffee with waffles and eggs. With sunlight streaming through the windows, the smell of fresh coffee, and a good chunk of time to plan out the day ahead, Cheryl's mornings are an important part of setting the tone for the day. And with her upbeat attitude and love of company, getting in the right mindset is even easier, as she makes an already buzzing breakfast table that much more lively.
After breakfast, Cheryl enjoys getting out of the house to explore her community and help out with running errands. During the pandemic, when many other community areas were closed, trips out to local parks, or even just walks around the neighborhood, were a great way for Cheryl to stay active (and find local wildlife to make friends with). In terms of errands, grocery shopping, especially, is something that Cheryl loves to do with her housemates, and she takes pride in helping out around the house in other ways, too; she's always done her own laundry, and she likes to help cook and keep the house clean. When she's not out and about or helping with the chores, however, she also enjoys crafting, playing games or listening to music on her iPad, and settling down for a movie at the end of the night.
"I like 90s and 2000s music," Cheryl says with a smile. "I like music I can dance to."

What Cheryl's Looking For in Her Next Chapter

At home, there's no better time to enjoy some tunes than while whipping up a great meal! Cheryl loves all kinds of food, from classic meals like burgers to Chinese takeout, and she's also happy to try new things; she loves fruits and vegetables, and she likes to be there to help with making a delicious chicken dinner. However, shellfish is off the table, as Cheryl is allergic to it. Beyond that, though, most dishes will bring a smile to her face, and she's happy to spend time with others all the while as dinner cooks.
"Cheryl's not really a picky eater," says Service Coordinator Cara Riley, "and she really loves to hang out with people and be helpful, so she's always there to lend a hand."
It makes Cheryl feel good to be around others, and so she's looking for a Shared Living Provider who can share in the cozy moments at home with her, and make the day to day chores and errands more fun just through good company. She also values her alone time; she's always got an idea for how to spend her time--especially with all her crafting projects--and doesn't have a hard time making up her mind on things to do by herself. However, one goal Cheryl has is to get out into nature more, with more outdoor adventures across Rhode Island's gorgeous natural landscape--and now is certainly the time to make it happen. She hopes to live with someone who loves a bit of adventure, and while she absolutely adores dogs, Cheryl isn't interested in living in a home that has small children.
"Swimming is really fun," Cheryl says. "I like swimming at ponds more than the beach, but either way is nice."
What's also nice is that with the coming summer, and all the vaccinations, comes new chances to get back out into the community. Cheryl is looking forward to reconnecting with friends for the holidays--times she loves not only for spending with family, like her cousin Felicia, but also for the food she gets to prepare and enjoy--and she's also looking forward to spending more time out exploring. In the meantime, she continues to rock out at home, surrounded by great company with her housemates, and we're wishing her the best in her search for a Shared Living Provider!
If you or someone you know wants to help with that search, you can reach out to Senior Director Dale Smalley at dsmalley@perspectivescorporation.com, or call our main office at (401) 294-3990.


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