A Journey to a Quiet, Creative Place: Lisa's SLA Search

By Sara Porcaro | Jan 12, 2021
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Photo of Lisa and Jessica at Bruins Game in Early 2020

With a few rays of sunshine coming in the windows, a dining room table well stocked with paints and canvasses, and a few friends to laugh and talk with, it's another cozy winter day for Lisa. She's looking forward to her favorite afternoon soap operas, which are a cornerstone of her day--and after, she'll be glad to help her housemates and Perspectives' Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) with tidying their home, laundry, and other chores.
Lisa's been receiving supports from Perspectives' Adult Residential Services for quite some time, enjoying new friendships, a home full of laughter with great company, new goals and milestones, and new community connections all with a smile on her face. However, for Lisa, there's something missing: a sense of a place to call her own. As much as she enjoys the company she has at her current home, she's looking to start a new chapter with a more personalized, peaceful space to call home--and that's why she's now looking for a Shared Living Provider.

A Quiet Place to Craft: What's Important to Lisa

For Lisa, the best day is a day spent relaxing with others inside over crafts, chores, or other creative activities; she especially enjoys beading, and she'll make a number of beautiful crafts for friends. She's easily entertained inside on rainy days, finding a number of ways to express herself and enjoy her time on her own. She's also deeply involved with her church, enjoying Zoom calls with her church members from Anchor Christian Fellowship in Narragansett and looking forward to going back in-person when the pandemic is finally over. All in all, though, home is where the heart is, and so it's all the more important for Lisa to have a place she can make her own.
"I think I get along with most people," Lisa says, "and I'm hoping to find a new home in East Greenwich, so I can be closer to my boyfriend Rasheed."
"Lisa is so laid back and easygoing; she has a lot of options for the type of person she'd match well with [in Shared Living Arrangements]."
As much as Lisa enjoys socializing, joking, and crafting with others, however, she prefers a quiet and calm environment. Her alone time, which she spends watching her favorite shows, doing projects, or just relaxing, is an important part of her day. Beyond that, Lisa values her independence and a sense of responsibility; she's comfortable being home alone when others need to leave for errands or other activities, and she prides herself on the great care she takes of her pet fish and other animals. In fact, before the pandemic, Lisa had a job at Perfect Puppy, where she regularly worked with many adorable animals, and she'd be happy to live with a Shared Living Provider that has pets.
"Lisa is so laid back and easygoing; she has a lot of options for the type of person she'd match well with [in Shared Living Arrangements]," says DSP Jessica Landry. "She's really great to joke with, though one would have to be okay with a bit of rougher humor, too."

The Support Lisa Needs to Live the Life She Loves

Laid back and easygoing certainly describe the perfect environment for Lisa to thrive. While she does enjoy a walk around the neighborhood, short hikes, and fun trips into the community when it was safe to do so, her current physical health makes extended exercise or activity difficult. And no matter what she's doing in the community, she likes to be home for the afternoon--around one o'clock--to rest and relax at home afterwards, and especially to enjoy a good home-cooked meal. When it comes to food, Lisa's especially interested in creative new meals, and will try many different foods--especially ones with seafood, steak, or chicken. While Lisa does have some health concerns around certain foods, she's generally happy with anything, especially when she gets to participate in making it. Beyond that,
"I need my peace and quiet," Lisa says, "so I'm hoping to find a place that isn't loud."
Beyond that, Lisa's independence is something that makes her day-to-day routine easier for her to keep a handle on. What she's more looking forward to, especially when the pandemic ends, is getting back to church, seeing her friends, participating in community groups like URI's Best Buddies, and looking for a new job. These are things she would need support in scheduling and coordinating transportation for, but otherwise, she's happy to take control of her daily life.
Lisa says, "I'm hoping to maybe start a paper route again; I used to do that before. But I'm able to go with the flow and do my own thing."
That's why, as Lisa moves forward in her search, she's open to adventure--and we're wishing her luck as she begins her next chapter. If you think you or someone you know could be a great match with Lisa and her laid back, creative, and fun-loving personality, don't hesitate to reach out! You can find out more by reaching out to Senior Director Dale Smalley at dsmalley@perspectivescorporation.com, or by calling Perspectives' main office at (401) 294-3990.


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