Rex's Search for Adventure in Shared Living Arrangements

By Sara Porcaro | Feb 2, 2021
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We all know the spring and summer are meant for adventure and exploration, but in the quiet of winter, when the sun takes so long to rise and the air is still, save for a chilly wind, there's no cozier place than one's own home. There are pillows and blankets aplenty, and where all one's favorite things, like games, T.V. shows, music, and more--are all ready to enjoy over a cup of hot tea with honey and a hearty breakfast or lunch. A life full of those kinds of simple pleasures--of new experiences and days basking in the warm sunlight, as well as days relaxing at home and enjoying the quiet time--is exactly the kind of life Rex likes to live--and now, he's looking for a like-minded Shared Living Provider as he looks to start a new chapter in Perspectives' Shared Living Arrangements (SLA)!

A Day in the Life of Rex

On an average day, Rex enjoys a later start; he typically gets up at around ten o'clock and goes to sleep around eleven or twelve at night, and for breakfast, a simple meal of peanut butter toast or oatmeal with a glass of milk is the perfect thing to wake up to. In terms of food, Rex keeps to the classics: food from places like Applebee's, Subway, and D'Angelo's are a hit, as he loves a good sandwich or burger, and canned ravioli or a good old-fashioned grilled cheese are always a great option for lunch. But as a Rhode Island native, his favorite food is a hot cup of chowder with fresh clam cakes--a meal made all the better when eaten by the Ocean State's miles of gorgeous Atlantic coastline.
"I don't like tacos, pizza, or cheesy and spicy things," Rex says, "but I like drinks, like juice, tea, or milk. I especially like root beer."
"Rex would be great with a Shared Living Provider that likes to take day trips out to Connecticut or Massachusetts. He loves exploring local New England attractions and getting outside the house, even if just for an hour or two a day."
Given the nature of the pandemic, Rex has made sure to stay safe at home and practice social distancing and other good habits when out and about. For the quiet and easygoing days, he can be found at home relaxing with others over some games or crafts, or having some alone time while enjoying classic TV shows, like Perry Mason. He has some of his favorite shows on DVD, and they're always a great way for Rex to spend an afternoon. But when it comes to fair weather days, Rex has always been a fan of cozy local adventures; when the weather is nice, he likes to take drives around town, go for hikes in parks like Rocky Point or at the beach, and explore his local area, enjoying a bite to eat along the way. Other attractions, like amusement parks and water slides, are also the kind of exciting trips he adores.
"Rex would be great with a Shared Living Provider that likes to take day trips out to Connecticut or Massachusetts," says DSP Jessica Landry. "He loves exploring local New England attractions and getting outside the house, even if just for an hour or two a day."

Interests and Experiences: Rex's Goals and Supports

When it comes to Rex's love of small adventures, he simply needs the transportation support to get to where he wants to go. Since he doesn't drive, it's important to him that whoever he lives with can come along and be his travel partner for the fun experiences he loves. Beyond that, since Rex isn't a fan of cooking, he'll also be best suited with an SLP that likes to cook delicious homemade meals or grab some takeout from time to time. Overall, however, Rex is just looking for a place to call his own: one with a quiet and peaceful environment, and with an SLP that enjoys the little things in life along with him.
"Rex can be a bit loud at times, but he's a great guy," Jessica says. "He likes to make people smile and laugh, and he loves animals, like cats and parakeets."
For Rex, family is important--and with his brother living in Massachusetts and cousins living in Rhode Island, he's looking to live closer to them so that visiting when it's safe again is easier to do. His favorite family times are the holidays, of course--with Thanksgiving and Christmas both exciting get-togethers that, after the pandemic ends, he's looking forward to continuing. Rex is hoping to find a place around Cranston, Johnston, Providence, or North Providence to live in, and he's hoping to see his family more often in the future. And while he's not currently interested in pursuing employment, he is interested in spending more time with others and exploring more of his community where safe to do so. In fact, one of Rex's goals is to be able to see the lights of Providence on a city bus when the virus is over.
"I love Providence," Rex says. "Taking the bus and train there is exciting."
He's also interested in collecting antique and vintage items, like switch-operated vacuum cleaners, particularly Airway vacuums from the 50's and 60's, as his father worked for the company when he was a child. The antique shops and flea markets are always a great place to find new treasures, and he's always got an eye out for new pieces to add to his small, but well-kept, collections. Along with vintage items, things like Winnie the Pooh, old children's songs, marching band music on vinyl, and other interesting finds are all bound to make his day. To top it all off, there's no better way for Rex to end a great day than having someone read a book from his collection to him.
Most of all, Rex's goal is simple: finding a place to be himself in his own space, spend time with others who enjoy days of both relaxing and adventure, and overall surrounding himself with great people--and you could be one of those people. There's no better time than the present to make a lasting change in your life, and the life of someone else; if you or someone you know believes you and Rex will make a great fit together, you can reach out to Senior Director Dale Smalley at dsmalley@perspectivescorporation.com, or call our main office at (401) 294-3990.


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