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Beyond the Paycheck: How Benefits Director Rita Shah Encourages Employee Wellbeing

By Sara Porcaro | Feb 16, 2021
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Benefits Director Rita Shah

What an agency or company provides their workers isn't only pay. Nor is it only a company culture, or a professional network with which employees can inspire each other and grow their perspective through others' experiences and expertise. For many workplaces, there's also the fine print--the benefits, and the ways in which talented HR teams work to provide those benefits--that not only helps professionals ensure their health and wellbeing, but also gives them the tools, flexibility, and freedom to balance their lives and continue growing their experiences. It's an extra layer of compensation that can't be understated, and Perspectives is one such agency that takes those benefits seriously. Today, we're welcoming Rita Shah, who recently joined the team as Perspectives' Benefits Director--and we're excited for the plans she has for the future.
Rita comes aboard the Perspectives HR Department with not only a more than ten-year record of experience, growth, and ambition within the world of human resources, but also a genuine drive to help others. A long-time resident of Rhode Island, Rita earned her bachelor's degree from Providence College, and later her Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Johnson and Wales University. She started her career with Benefit Concepts in East Providence, where she was responsible for COBRA administration of over 30 client companies in healthcare, law, and IT industries, and as time went on, she had the drive to do more--to learn more, achieve more, and focus her talents on the topics that interested her, namely wellness, as she worked for different employers across the state, like United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI).
"At UNFI, I focused on implementing an outcomes-based wellness program, and I actually helped UNFI become one of the healthiest employers in Rhode Island as a result," Rita says. "Wellness is something so important; even the smallest wellness focus can really increase employees' productivity, engagement, and more. If we're not well, how can we work well?"
From health and wellness initiatives to 401(K) retirement plans and other important aspects of corporate benefits, Rita's schooling and experience are bolstered by her certificates. Through the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Rita has the Group Benefits Associate and Retirement Plans Associate, and she's also a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist. Her commitment to ensuring a positive employee experience through corporate benefits and awareness means she's always looking to grow, and so when she found the Benefits Director position at Perspectives, she knew it was the next best step in her career--and with a month gone by already, Rita finds herself not only surrounded by friendly, supportive team members to collaborate with, but also an agency culture built around looking for ways to improve and using data to drive new best practices.
"Wellness is something so important; even the smallest wellness focus can really increase employees' productivity, engagement, and more. If we're not well, how can we work well?"
"It's such a nice environment at Perspectives, and everyone has been so welcoming," Rita says. "Perspectives already has such a robust benefits package, but it's nice to see Perspectives be data-driven; they take new information and ask 'how can we use this?' And I love to see that."
Going forward, Rita is excited not only to work with a team that shares her values--looking not only to do our best by individuals we support, but also support each other in doing the best work possible--she's also inspired to work with her department and others to reach clear goals. A year from now, she hopes to bring more awareness to the benefits Perspectives offers its professionals, as well as support others in leading healthy, happy lives that allow them to bring their best efforts to the jobs they love. In the meantime, however, Rita is happy to learn from her peers and be there for professionals with questions. And when she brings a good day of work to a close, she pivots from her professional life back to her personal one, where she loves to spend time with her friends and family, try new recipes, plan her next adventure when we're able to travel abroad again, and stay well-read on all the new resources in her industry. The next morning, the possibilities of what she can do with Perspectives brings her back to work, ready to take on another day and make a difference.
"I like to help others and make things easier to understand," says Rita, "and I feel like I'll be able to accomplish a lot with an agency that's as generous as Perspectives is with benefits. I'm really looking forward to the future with Perspectives!"
When it comes to new members of the team, there's nothing more exciting than having a passionate professional, with ideas and goals for the future, to jump aboard--and that's why we're welcoming Rita to the team. Our professionals are what make it possible to bring quality services to individuals we support, and for that reason, ensuring they feel supported is a top priority for Perspectives leadership. Between Rita's expertise and her enthusiasm, she'll be right at home among other like-minded professionals who are always looking for the next way to improve, and we're likewise looking forward to the year ahead!


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