Celebrating 15 Years with Perspectives Receptionist Rosemarie Rhieu

By Sara Porcaro | Aug 4, 2021
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Receptionist Rosemarie Rhieu

Whether we're taking a routine trip to offices we've been dozens of times before, like the dentist or doctor's, or we're heading out to a business for a job interview that's made us nervous the whole drive there, a friendly face to greet us at the door can make all the difference in how we feel about our visit. For the Perspectives main office, that friendly face is Receptionist Rosemarie Rhieu: a professional who is always guiding visitors where they need to go or helping important deliveries make it to their destination in between her many duties. She's been an important team member at the main office since her beginnings with Perspectives--and this August, we're celebrating her fifteenth anniversary with the agency!
In the summer of 2006, Perspectives had been searching for a receptionist for the main office. With how many family members, professionals, and individuals we support that come through our doors each day, it was critical to have someone at the helm who could deliver important information, maintain the office's stock of supplies, and direct people to where they needed to go--and do it all with a smile. And Rosemarie, with her friendliness and many years of experience in office administration at businesses like National Car Company, made the perfect fit for the role.
"We were looking for someone who could make people feel welcome, and Rosemarie was definitely a match," says Project Director Julie Sykes. "She makes the office a friendly space for all; she makes an effort to really get to know people, is super conscientious about her work, and is always focused on doing a great job."
"I love being around people--getting to talk to them, entertaining others," Rosemarie says, "so this kind of work just fell into place for me early on. Then when I interviewed for this job at Perspectives, I found everyone really friendly; the agency gave off a really good vibe that made me feel like it would be a great place to work, and I was right!"
Since then, Rosemarie's not only settled well into her position and made great friends with her peers; she's also grown with the agency, constantly learning new skills and technologies to keep the main office efficient, neat, and stocked with everything professionals needed to keep their work running smoothly. When not directing visitors to their destinations, at the start, Rosemarie would also take calls and leave notes for her coworkers, as individual voicemails weren't available in the mid 2000s--a much different picture from today, with the pandemic shuttering the office for much of 2020 and requiring a much more technological approach to keeping everyone connected. Her talents for organization, communication, and project management have been crucial in keeping Perspectives professionals working seamlessly together, even as sheltering in place kept them all apart.
"I felt needed," Rosemarie says about the beginning of the pandemic. "The office was closed, but I still got to get out of the house, and it was nice knowing I could still help people get important documents where they needed to go while they couldn't come to the office."
"Perspectives is just a great place to work, well run by people who will be around a long time, and so long as Perspectives will have me, I'm happy to stay here."
And with teammates like Administrative Assistant Christina Mara and the many individuals that work in the office, helping with shredding, scanning, organizing files, and splitting up the many other tasks that make up a productive day, Rosemarie also finds the support she needs to conquer especially busy moments. In her fifteen years with Perspectives, every day has come with its own unique workflow, especially with the always-changing technology in her position that she learns with her peers. Yet despite the rush of busy days and the many projects she and her team complete in a day, her routine is a comfortable one, and her workplace is a cozy space that she appreciates.
"My favorite part of the job is seeing the people I work with," Rosemarie says. "I love getting to see them, and they're always so helpful, too. Perspectives is just a great place to work, well run by people who will be around a long time, and so long as Perspectives will have me, I'm happy to stay here."
"Rosemarie has been great to work with," Julie adds. "Even though she's never worked in our industry before, she's stepped up to the plate and done really well supporting and overseeing individuals who work in the office with us, and she's also a really good friend to us here."
Whether coming into the Perspectives main office to meet with one of our professionals, to drop something off, or to just stop by and say hello, Rosemarie is bound to be there and make coming in a great experience. Fifteen years is no short commitment, and we recognize all the time, dedication, and great work Rosemarie has put into her role here at Perspectives! Congratulations on your anniversary, Rosemarie, and thank you for all your commitment and support for our professionals!


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