James Imagines a Change of Summer Scenery with Shared Living Arrangements

By Sara Porcaro | Apr 20, 2021
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James with Small Town Titans

On a brisk winter night before the pandemic, when venues like Fete Music Hall still packed their spaces with concert-goers, and when fans could feel the beat of one's favorite band's songs right in their chests, James was set for an unforgettable night. He listened to local groups--like Small Town Titans and Casting Shadows--and even got to meet them afterwards, snapping pictures and getting to know the band members. It's a cheerful memory to look back on, and as the pandemic moves towards its conclusion, it's one of the things that James has to look forward to again. However, while he waits for the days that such adventure is possible again, he's keeping busy setting goals for the future--and one of those goals is to begin a new chapter with a Shared Living Provider.

How James Lives the Life He Loves

Even with all his love of rock concerts and other exciting adventures, 47-year-old James, who currently lives in Charlestown, is a man that starts his day bright and early, waking up at eight and setting himself up for a great morning with a cup of coffee. He typically enjoys egg sandwiches or cereal to go along with it, and while he requires support for meals he enjoys making on the stove, he often fixes himself a meal with the toaster or microwave before settling down and getting ready for the afternoon ahead. Be it running errands with his housemates, shopping for himself at Walmart or Marshall's, or treating himself a coffee made at Dunkin' Donuts or Honeydew instead of making a cup at home, James's laid back, easygoing nature makes it easy to have a good day no matter what's on the agenda.
"I have to start my day with a coffee," James says with a smile. "It's the best part of the morning."
Before the pandemic, and when great local bands weren't touring in Providence, James also enjoyed going out to theatres and other interesting places to try out new things. Now, he's a fan of the many local parks Rhode Island has to offer--and with the weather warming up, it's the perfect time for picnics, especially since James likes to have a hearty homemade sandwich for lunch. Whether it be at the Narragansett sea wall or Trustom Pond, James is happy to get out, explore, and enjoy the fresh air, and he's looking to share a home with someone that has a similar upbeat pace and love for fun. He's also a fan of the quiet moments, where he gets to relax on his own and enjoy his hobbies.
"James is an independent, quiet guy," says Service Coordinator Rachel Morgan, "and he's happy to spend time with others or hang out on his own."
"James is an independent, quiet guy, and he's happy to spend time with others or hang out on his own."
When winding down at home, James loves to spend time reading, watching his favorite movies and television shows, playing games on the PlayStation 2 like Spyro and Madden NFL, and listen to his favorite music groups, like Skid Row and Qwen Stefani. A dinner of pizza, Salisbury steak, or some of his favorite takeout, like Chinese or Mexican food, always makes for a great meal, and he doesn't mind a little spice in his food, either. He has no allergies, though he isn't a fan of foods like peas or pork chops. But with a full roster of fun things to do, whether inside or out, James is always ready to make the most of each moment--from the start of the day to the end of it.

The Support James Uses to Reach His Goals

Before the pandemic, James enjoyed more than just great days on the town; he also had a job at Seashell Motel in Westerly, where he would pick up the sheets and blankets to wash at the nearby laundromat. It was a seasonal position, though due to the pandemic, it wasn't available to him in 2020. However, with things looking up this year, he's hoping to get back to work--especially as he hopes to earn money again to pay for trips to his favorite restaurants, or to save for future day trips to nearby areas and a longer trip to New York. James would need the transportation supports to get to and from jobs he works in the future, and he'd prefer to stay in Westerly, Wakefield, or Charlestown, living with a man around his age.
"I had a good job at Seashell Motel," he says. "The manager was nice, and the hours were good. I'd like to get a job again and save some money."
And at home, James would only need some light support to keep at his daily routine. Everyday chores, keeping the house clean, and other such things are always more fun with roommates to make the work go by quicker, and with an attentive, upbeat person to match his easygoing energy, he's bound to stay positive and productive, just the way he likes. Pets, such as cats and nice dogs, would also brighten his spirits, if his future home happened to have them, and he has a sister that lives in Georgia who occasionally comes up to visit, especially for holidays.
James is looking forward to live beyond the pandemic, especially with so many great memories of past adventures to remind him of what's to come again. In the meantime, he's busy making progress on his goals of starting fresh in Shared Living Arrangements, and we're wishing him the best in his search for the perfect place to call home. If you or someone you know wants to help with that search, you can reach out to Senior Director Dale Smalley at dsmalley@perspectivescorporation.com, or call our main office at (401) 294-3990.


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