Picking Up Speed and Sailing Ahead in 2020: PCSEPP Participant David

By Sara Porcaro | Jul 28, 2020
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PCSEPP Participant David, working with Perspectives Corporation to complete the program offerings.

In our corner of the country, as the year progresses steadily on, we've got the time and the tools to keep working towards our goals--especially as Rhode Island continues to fight hard against the spread of COVID-19. For individuals involved in the Person Centered Supported Employment Performance Program (PCSEPP), which has recently resumed after the statewide shelter-in-place ended, that means that the goals they set for themselves, and the information and resources the program offers, are on the agenda for the rest of 2020--and one participant, David, is excited to continue on his customized employment journey!
PCSEPP is a program funded by the RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH). It's designed for individuals who seek a place in the workforce specifically built for them: their personality, their skills, their interests, and their dreams. Perspectives, the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center, and AccessPoint RI, in partnership with Skills for Rhode Island's Future, Able Opportunities, and the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMASS Boston, are working to provide the connections, training, and support necessary to work towards that goal through the customized employment--a person centered approach to job development that focuses on one's self-discovery and building relationships in their local community.
"I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making money doing new things..."
David, who receives Adult Residential Services from Perspectives, learned about this program through Site Supervisor Meagan Long. He's an upbeat, friendly, and fun-loving individual who loves the community dance events hosted by the Knights of Columbus, meeting new people, and exploring Rhode Island's beautiful local scenery. Before COVID-19, David worked in the Perspectives main office, assisting with shredding and other crucial office maintenance tasks; however, he's also interested in lending his time and talents to places like hair salons as a cleaning professional. His dream job lies in the heart of his greatest hobbies, as David ultimately aspires to be a DJ for dance parties, and he hopes to learn more about the possibilities of these employment avenues with PCSEPP.
"I'm excited [about PCSEPP]," David says. "I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making money doing new things, and I'm excited to learn more about technology, too, like how to use iPads!"
Working alongside David is DSP Ashley Reinhardt, his Point Person throughout the project. In her role, Ashley keeps the calendar organized for the month: from setting up discovery activities to working together on lessons for a variety of skills, she's there to provide the support necessary to be successful in the PCSEPP program. With Meagan's introducing the program, and David's commitment setting him up for a customized learning and discovery experience, he and Ashley are ready to get the most out of the year ahead.
"I think this will be really good for David," Ashley says. "It'll definitely help him meet new people and reach his goals; we're looking forward to seeing what comes out of [PCSEPP]."
While the recent pandemic has certainly put many of our 2020 goals on a temporary pause, David has kept his eye on the prize the entire time while making sure to keep safe at home. He's kept busy at home with his fellow housemates, enjoying their company while working on all manners of projects, and he's also been getting out to see the ocean and Point Judith--via car rides and, as parks and beaches opened up, via socially distanced trails. It certainly hasn't been easy for a social person like David to shelter-in-place away from friends outside the home, but now, sunnier days are here, and he's making the best of every moment.
This summer, PCSEPP is sailing ahead, with participants like David at the helm and ready to bring their talents, dreams and many skills to their community. As our current climate of social distancing and technological communication continue on, the opportunities for education, exploration, and connection are still here--and, in fact, only continue to grow. If you or someone you know qualifies for this program, you can learn more by contacting the Perspectives Employment Services team; e-mail them at employmentservices@perspectivescorporation.com or call them at (401) 294-3990.


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