Culture, Community, and Confidence: Bea's Search for a Shared Living Provider

By Sara Porcaro | Dec 16, 2020
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Bea enjoying a day at home.

It's another chilly, wintry day in Westerly, the ground crusted with frozen old snow and the sun peeking through a film of hazy gray clouds. Inside one home, several friends gather for an afternoon of cooking and crafting, celebrating the season with homemade cookies and cookie houses to enjoy after a delicious dinner. It's a warm space, even for all of the chill outside--a place where friends have no shortage of fun to share with each other as they stay safe at home.
But for one individual, the snowy, quiet landscape of Westerly is missing something. For Beatrice (Bea), who loves her friends and enjoys her time with others, she can't help thinking of her family in Riverside, who are a whole hour away. She wants to be closer to her family--and not only that, but closer to a living situation that is tailored to her goals and personality. For that reason, Bea is looking to get started on her journey into Shared Living Arrangements (SLA), and you or someone you know may be able to be the Shared Living Provider she's looking for!


In Riverside live Bea's sister Anne and their mother Matilda, who, before the pandemic, used to see Bea twice a month and catch up on all the things happening in their lives. During these visits, their mother's house would be abuzz with Cape Verdean Creole, as her mother prefers to speak to her family in her native language. Bea, who speaks both English and Creole, misses these opportunities to see her family--as well as the delicious Cape Verdean food her mother would make. In fact, some of Bea's top foods include seafood, mangoes, and oxtail soup; she likes food with a bit of spice to it, as well, and she especially loves a glass of diet Coke or Pepsi to go with her meal.
"My favorite food is steamers," Bea says, "and I really like McDonald's ice cream, too, but I'm okay with eating all kinds of other food, too."
During the pandemic, the family stays in touch via Zoom meetings, but Bea looks forward to the day she can meet with her family in person again. In the meantime, she's enjoying her time at home, staying safe and socially distanced with her favorite activities. Be it experimenting with her makeup and fashion, rocking out to Prince and old rock and roll music, watching movies, doing chores around the house, drawing, or going for walks around the neighborhood, a day in the life of Bea is a comfortable one full of creative crafts.
Her sister Anne notes, "Bea loves pretty things--makeup, clothes, pocket books. She's very sweet, and she likes to spend time with others and have their full attention; I think she'd be great with a Shared Living Provider that has a lot of energy, someone that likes to eat and has a gentle personality."
"I think she'd be great with a Shared Living Provider that has a lot of energy, someone that likes to eat and has a gentle personality."


For Bea, a perfect day is one that's relaxing and easygoing, with a schedule spaced out to let her enjoy the most of whatever she's doing. She's looking for a place to call home that can likewise bring her that casual atmosphere: a place of great conversation and a cozy daily routine. Beyond that, she's hoping specifically to live with a single woman that can share in her love of her culture and spend plenty of time with her throughout the day. Adequate attention and a good routine are important to Bea, as she's an extroverted person who needs plenty of positivity to stay her happy self.
"Bea can start thinking that people don't like her or are sick of her pretty easily," says Service Coordinator Rachel Morgan, "so she needs plenty of reassurance that that's not the case. She also shouldn't be left alone at home; she's glad to come along for errands and other things."
That's why, along with support in daily tasks, such as remembering to take her medications or finish any projects or other chores she may have started, Bea also hopes to find a Shared Living Provider that can support her emotionally--that gentle person who loves to socialize and brings positivity into the day. She's also happy to help out around the house, especially if she's able to earn a few extra dollars doing so, as sometimes she has certain items she'd like to save up for--and in fact, through this, Bea would also have the opportunity to learn more about the value of money, which can be a challenge for her when managing her finances.
"Bea is really looking forward to moving on with her life and starting somewhere new," Anne notes. "I just want to make sure she's okay and happy, and I hope we can find the right person to support her in her goals."
For someone as bright and kind as Bea, finding the perfect place to call home is only a matter of time, and we're wishing her luck in her search. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an SLA home provider, you can find out more by reaching out to Senior Director Dale Smalley at dsmalley@perspectivescorporation.com, or by calling Perspectives' main office at (401) 294-3990.


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