Green Development Has a Green Thumb In Julia

By Sara Porcaro | August 27, 2019

With one's eyes open to opportunity, anything is possible--be it new friendships, new places to explore, or even a new job. For one driven individual in North Kingstown, her current position at Green Development LLC was that opportunity, and two years later, she's still coming to the local business's offices with a bright smile on her face as she takes on the day. That individual is none other than Julia, the local artist who shares her cheer and creativity with everyone she meets!

Two years ago, Julia was immersed in her artwork for Just Julia Designs, just as she is now. She wasn't looking for another job at the time, but opportunity found her nonetheless when the friend of a Perspectives Direct Support Professional (DSP) reached out about a potential position with Green Development LLC. Julia decided to give the position a chance, and every shift since, she's been a vital presence in the office--both in the work she does and the positivity she brings to her coworkers.

"She's an important part of what we do here," says one of her supervisor, June. "We're a family-run business, and we consider her part of the family, too. She adds a sparkle to our days."

As Green Development LLC is a company focused on green energy and environmental responsibility, Julia takes on several clerical responsibilities, including sorting the recycling to meet city recycling standards, shredding and filing papers, keeping the office clean, and watering the plants. At a previous location, she also tended the gardens. Now, she has her own mailbox, where she gets her paperwork for the day and checks off her tasks on her clipboard. No matter what, Julia is always ready to greet her coworkers and lend a helping hand with any task they need done.

"I like shredding the most," says Julia. She's also interested in working more shifts at the company.

With the job comes the friendship of her peers, new clerical skills, and of course, the funds to continue her passions with art. She loves to draw and paint, and she's also taken ceramics classes; with the money she makes from her job, she's able to stock up on new tools and paper. Julia's always creating beautiful new pieces for her shop and to showcase at local galleries, like RICART's Brain Week RI event, hosted at the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket. What's more, this year, her art is also going on the Perspectives Big Bash T-Shirt. When not working at the office or on her art, Julia also loves a trip to the movies, going for lunch with friends, and going to Zumba classes at her local YMCA--but her coworkers always appreciate when she's back at work.

Julia at Art Festival

Another of Julia's supervisors, Kara, notes, "We miss Julia when she's not here! She's always so pleasant to be around; she's a great team player."

And that's why every morning that Julia comes to the office is a bright one! With the discovery of this new role, Julia has knocked it out of the park at Green Development LLC, rising to the challenge for every new task she's learned and becoming part of a wonderful professional community. Along with that, her personal projects continue to flourish with the added funds, making it a true win-win for everyone. Julia continues to work hard and seize the day, and we're proud of her accomplishments!