What Career Developer Danee Orlinksi Brings to Perspectives' Employment Team

By Sara Porcaro | Oct 19, 2021
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Career Developer Danee Orlinski

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) continues on this October, we're not only looking to all of amazing work individuals in the I/DD community do at their workplaces. We're also looking at the work they do to create positive changes in their career, the moves they make to learn new skills and ace their interviews--and, of course, we're looking at the many employment professionals, like Career and Job Developers, Job Coaches, and more, that support them in discovering and preparing for their future dream jobs. That's why today, we're welcoming one of our new Career Developers, Danee Orlinski, aboard the Perspectives Employment team!
Danee, who joined Perspectives after moving back to the northeast from Arizona, comes to the team with not only a passion for the work she does, but years of experience in her field--as both a professional and as a parent. As the mother of a son with disabilities, Danee has long been aware of how the human services industry operates, working with many professionals over the years and always looking out for his best interests. When she returned to the workforce after the birth of her son, she decided she wanted to continue helping others in the industry, as the work these professionals did, and the difference it made for her own child, made it a passion. Danee decided to take on a job as a Direct Support Professional in her former agency's Day Services, and from there, she worked her way up to become an employment professional. With her wealth of experience--years as a parent, and then more years still as a professional--she came to Perspectives ready to bring her best work to the individuals we support.
"I think this angle gives me an advantage," Danee says. "Having known what it's like to be the family member of someone receiving supports, it's given me a lot of compassion and made me a strong advocate for my son. I wanted to put that experience to work and make a difference in others' lives as a professional, too."
Currently, Danee is working with individuals she supports to not only go through the Discovery process with them and support them in finding what they like, but also in helping them learn how to search for jobs, fill out applications, do their best in interviews, and learn workplace etiquette. She also helps coordinate work trials and other opportunities, building relationships with employers to provide spaces where individuals can test out whether a job is a good fit for them before submitting an application. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many places were once closed for in-person work trials, preferring only to have their already-hired staff on hand--but now, as businesses search for dependable talent to staff their teams, the demand for work is back up, and finding opportunities is both safer and easier than it was in 2020.
"There are so many methods to go about supporting someone in finding employment these days," Danee says, "but in all of it, the most important part is really getting to know the individual you're working with, so you can help them find more than just a job. Anyone can get a job; it's getting a job an individual's going to really like that's the goal."
Throughout all of her work in the field, her focus has always been on the individuals she supports. The source of her passion for the work--her son--always leads her to bring understanding and compassion to the job, and she's never shy to advocate for the individuals she serves as they chase their dreams. Her steadfast demeanor also means that, while she brings a high level of empathy to those she works with, she's also able to step back, be objective, and push past tough situations to find the best solutions and fit for both employers and individuals alike. It's a balance borne of experience, both personal and professional, and she comes to work each day ready to move forward and make progress with individuals, no matter where they are in their job hunt.
"I don't work for myself--for my own advancement or anything like that," Danee admits. "I work for the individuals and their goals. I take jobs where I know I can bring something good to the table that'll help individuals I support thrive, and after researching Perspectives and their mission, and getting to know the team, I think this is definitely a place where I can do that."
NDEAM continues on, with individuals working hard each day and taking steps towards new careers that bring them satisfaction, independence, and financial freedom. Behind them, cheering them on and supporting them through it all, are the countless dedicated employment professionals--and with someone like Danee here with us now at Perspectives, we know our own team of professionals has gained a valuable member! We're glad to have Danee aboard, and we look forward to the great work she'll do with the team during her time with us!


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