How Dale Found a Place to Shine at Marshall's in Narragansett

By Sara Porcaro | Mar 9, 2021
Employment, COVID-19, Rhode Island, Disabilities, Work, Recognition, Marshall's, Local Business
Dale with his Associate of the Quarter award

The days are becoming sunnier and warmer in Narragansett, blue skies reminding us of the equally blue water to enjoy in the summer. However, in the meantime, when one isn't walking on the beach, they drive past plazas full of local businesses and other places to enjoy. In one plaza is Marshall's, where customers are greeted with friendly--yet masked--faces before beginning their search for new clothes and other goods. One of those friendly faces is none other than Dale, who has recently been named Associate of the Quarter for his great work on the team!
For the past few months, Dale has been a regular employee at this local Marshall's, working to ensure customer safety by keeping carts and other frequently touched surfaces sanitized. He also helps customers find their way around the store to the items they're looking for, and he's quick to lend a hand to his fellow employees whenever they need help with their own tasks. He found the job while searching through open positions online, and with the pandemic causing so many to either lose their jobs to furloughs or quit them to keep safe, Dale was excited to interview for and get the role; he's glad to be able to put his skills to work again in this comfortable environment, and he's thankful for the supportive, cheerful team that surrounds him when he comes in each day.
"I'm very fortunate to have this job," Dale says. "Everyone is so nice here; they trained me really well and continue to help me out, and they're respectful of my needs on the job."
Whether it be providing him a binder to reference to learn the layout of the store's aisles, or the flexibility to accommodate his schedule, the Marshall's team has been one that Dale feels comfortable with. When Dale started, they welcomed him with open arms, happy to work with him and see him grow during his time there, and they continue to be a tight-knit team of professionals that support each other. That team motivates Dale to work hard--and that work certainly hasn't gone unnoticed, as he was recently surprised with the title of Associate of the Quarter and a $100 Marshall's gift card for his great service. The recognition alone was something Dale was excited to share with friends and family, texting pictures of his gift to them shortly after receiving it, and he's glad to save the gift card for future spending.
"We love Dale," says Assistant Manager Stephen Fossa. "He's super nice, with a great sense of humor, and he's so helpful around the store. We wouldn't trade him for anything."
Manager Lyn agrees: "Dale is just so helpful, always asking what he can do pitch in! We love having him with us."
The feeling is mutual, as Dale appreciates the straightforward communication and friendly atmosphere he experiences each shift. And when he's not at work, Dale can be found likewise enjoying the atmosphere in his other favorite places, like the Warwick Mall and, before the pandemic, the local bowling alleys. Going out for breakfast or spending time with friends are other ways he likes to spend his time--and after his first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, he's looking forward to the future, where he'll be enjoying sunny weather with his friends again just like before the pandemic.
For now, though, while there's still a crust of snow on the ground and the winds are still a bit frigid, Dale stays focused on the opportunities available at Marshall's. He's looking forward to learning more and taking on more responsibility, and he's got high hopes for the rest of 2021. Congratulations to Dale for earning the title of Associate of the Quarter--and here's to many more great days on the team!


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