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Smooth Sailing for Nick and Sean at Ocean State Book Binding

By Sara Porcaro | Jun 29, 2021
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Nick and Sean

It's a little easier to wake up in the mornings, what with the sun rising so early and the sounds of birds and crickets coming through open windows. Those early days, waking up to get ready for a day of work with a fresh cup of coffee and a good breakfast, they're that much better when the house is already full of light and those peaceful sounds--and, of course, when there's a day's worth of work with a fantastic team on the schedule. And three months after Nick and Sean have started their positions at Ocean State Book Binding, that's exactly what they have: a team that makes the work days quick, a job that brings them the funds to plan for their goals, and the supports to take full control of their work!
Nick and Sean have recently completed the Person Centered Supported Employment Performance Program (PCSEPP) through AccessPoint RI and have been going strong in their work since. The program, funded by the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH). is designed to help individuals tap into their talents, hobbies, and interests to guide them on their career journey. Perspectives, together with AccessPoint RI, the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center, Skills for Rhode Island's Future, Able Opportunities, Inc., and the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMASS Boston, supports individuals in discovering where their talents can flourish in their communities, building custom employment opportunities through an extensive collection of resources, networking, and skill building.
"It's gotten busier," Sean says, "but I like the work. I like my team, too; sometimes they buy pizza for all of us for lunch, or we go out. And I love seeing [the dog] Tucker!"
The iPads that Nick and Sean have from the program have more functional tools that keep them on top of their game. With alarms set to make sure they clock in and punch out for breaks on time, as well as a great camera to catch pictures of their favorite moments out on the job or at local volunteer opportunities, they've developed great systems to keep them on track as they prepare OSBB products. They're also excited to delve deeper into Able Opportunities' Work Autonomy app for the iPad, which has accessible tools to help individuals take charge of their work--including customized step-by-step procedures for their job duties, timers and alarms to help maximize their productivity, and progress reports they can show to their supervisors to easily and efficiently demonstrate the great work they do. Such a tool makes it possible for individuals to stay completely independent on the job--and to become an expert in their role.
"Nick is already pretty independent at work," says Nick's mother, Cathy. "He gets to work, does his job, and then gets picked up at the end of the day. I'm proud of him; he's doing such great work."
"I'm proud of [Nick]; he's doing such great work."
"I like working [at OSBB]," Nick says. "It feels good knowing I can buy new things I want and build my savings."
As both Sean and Nick have been doing an incredible job at work, they've also seen the rewards outside it. Not only does being surrounded by a friendly, accommodating team make them feel good while preparing products--they also enjoy the confidence, satisfaction, and opportunity that comes from knowing they do their best and knowing they have the funds to plan for future trips. For Nick, that means getting the perfect gear to go camping with his family and friends this summer, as well as new clothes and a new basket for his bike. For Sean, who also spends time volunteering at local farms and other places where he can enjoy the great outdoors, his earnings give him the chance to grab some tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway and take the train up to explore Boston. And when they're not saving up for new experiences to make summer 2021 a memorable one, they're enjoying their favorite pastimes: swimming, grilling, volunteering, going out to eat, and hanging out at home. They've also got a great work-life balance, working alternating days at OSBB for those early morning shifts.
"I'm not really a morning person," Sean says, "but I don't mind getting up early for work. I'm happy with my work [at OSBB]."
"Their families have been so proud and supportive," says AccessPoint RI's Director of Program Development, Rory Carmody, "and it's been great to see how well they've done at work. [OSBB] has also been so accommodating, getting them tools like mats to make standing on the job easier. It's been a good match all around."
And going forward, with all the things we love only continuing to come back after the long year behind us, Nick and Sean are glad to have a great group to call their team members--and to know they're earning their own funds to enjoy the rest of the year with. They're going forward with new confidence and pride in their work, and with their peers there to cheer them on, the sky's the limit! We're wishing Nick and Sean all the best as they continue to do an awesome job at OSBB!
If you or someone you know is interested in joining the program and discovering the path to a career you can feel good about, reach out to Perspectives' Employment Team at employmentservices@perspectivescorporation.comor call (401) 294-3990.


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