Scenes of the Beach, Dreams of the City: Meet Chris

By Sara Porcaro | September 10, 2019

Tucked away in the seaside town of Narragansett, towards the end of a little street, is a house that stands tall in the late summer sun--with light bouncing off white walls and green grass. Up a flight of stairs is a small apartment, where the walls are covered in artwork and articles, where easels with blank canvases sit and where large stuffed animals pose from their places in the corners. On this cozy morning, the T.V. is running--and Chris sits in his chair, smiling and ready to start the day.

For around a decade, Chris has lived in this cozy town, only a bike ride away from the beach and all the lovely local shops. He's also worked at Sensational Child during this time, hitting his 11th year with the company this summer, where he delivers boxes of diapers and other supplies to hospitals and families in need. There, Chris earns money to pay his bills, as well as his various habits, such as his photography, painting, and occasional trips to the casino with his friends. He sits in his living room, smiling, as he signs about his work and his goals.

"It's a good job at [The Sensational Child], good money," he notes. "I'm hoping to get a second job, though, so I can save more money for other things."

Other things like the funds to move to Providence. Chris was born and raised in Providence, and while he loves the ocean and the charm of Narragansett, he misses the city life, where taking the RIPTA bus made it easy to explore large parts of town. With another one of his goals to be more independent, the Providence public transportation and all the things to see and do certainly make it a perfect place for a city-lover like Chris.

"There's just so much to do in Providence," Chris signs. "There's great architecture, museums, shops--and more people to hang out with."

As an artistic individual, who always has an eye for beautiful scenes like downtown Providence and the ocean waves on the rocks, Chris loves to express himself through his painting. He's a self-taught artist, and he also dabbles in photography--which he uses to further improve his art. He snaps pictures of scenes and uses them as references, recreating them on the canvas. Chris has also auctioned his paintings before, and he hopes to continue selling his art and hosting bids for new pieces.

But when he's not creating new artwork or exploring the beach, Chris is off on countless adventures. Be it social events, like the Deaf and Hard of Hearing social Perspectives hosted in December, playing sports like volleyball and basketball in the Special Olympics, grabbing lunch with a few friends, or even exploring whole new worlds with a good book, he's always filling his days with vibrant experiences. Chris signs that he's simply living life to the fullest, taking it one day at a time--and as the sun rises higher, filling his apartment with more of that summer glow, he glows, too. The day is still full of possibilities, and we know that no matter what Chris decides to do, it'll end as a day well spent!