Naton The Magician to Perform on Saturday, March 18

By Sara Porcaro | March 17, 2017

This Saturday, Wakefield's Bagelz will abandon the laws of our universe as they present the show of Naton, the Magician. The local bakery will host the event on March 18th, 2017, from 11A.M. to 12P.M, with an admission price of 6 dollars (and free admission for children 13 and under).

Nathan, who receives support from Perspectives Corporation's Youth and Family Services, has been interested in magic for quite a few years, encountering it at age 7 and digging deeper at around age 13. A large part of this fascination sprung up from the television show PennandTeller: Fool Us, in which various magicians attempt to trick the two hosts, Penn and Teller. Nathan recounts that, while he wasn't originally enthralled by the show, his interest did pick up—especially with the card magician, Kostya Kimlat. The trick he observed, one that successfully tricked the hosts, hooked him and drew him straight in; he spent many a dedicated hour reading, practicing, and watching magic tricks as he honed his own skills.

"You have to love it," Nathan says. He insists that "magic seems hard, but once you take the time to apply it, it becomes very easy." Nathan also stresses the importance of practice in his routine—without rigorous practice and persistence, failure becomes a regular rather than an exception.

He's been performing tricks for about two years now, and he loves it both for the magic and the new friendships and social gatherings it brings. "It's a good icebreaker, and it makes me happy to make other people happy," Nathan says. And in his routines, his favorite tricks are those that require improvisation with everyday objects, such as coins, paper, even cell phones. Though, out of all the different mysteries he performs, his ultimate favorite are card tricks, which he loves to incorporate into other tricks, as well. And, naturally, the hardest part of these shows? Keeping his mysteries mysterious—it becomes difficult to trick the audience's perception, especially with more complex routines.

Bagelz, Rhode Island's only boil-and-bake bagel shop since 1995, is glad to host Nathan's performance this Saturday. Our local magician encourages any and all interested in magic to attend this weekend, and as he has already done this show twice before, his confidence in the spectacle's entertainment value is rightly placed.

Come down to Bagelz to enjoy the show, and spend Saturday afternoon in awe of pure magic!