The Drive, Patience, and Persistence to Succeed

By Sara Porcaro | April 19, 2017

At nine in the morning, a local West Warwick bar is just rousing itself for another busy day. Amidst the pre-opening silence, Bonehead's rock n' roll décor sings its own song to the employees that work to prepare the food and clean the restaurant—one of those employees being Marixa Lopez.

Marixa, who receives support from Perspectives' Adult Day Services, recently hit her one year anniversary at Bonehead's on the 14th of April. Her shifts run from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M four days a week, where she spends the morning keeping the restaurant sparkling for the guests. In this relaxed, rock-centered environment, Marixa's gentle, laid-back attitude shines along with the Zildijan cymbals on the wall through a soft smile and a comfortable countenance. She takes the bus there each morning and back home each afternoon, happy to work in a place where both coworkers and customers are friendly and easygoing.

While Boneheads' bar touts its collection of band posters and other rock and metal pieces, Marixa notes with a smile that her music tastes both include and reach beyond its classic charm. She enjoys rock, rap, pop, and just about anything that she can dance to. And in her free time, Marixa enjoys shopping, spending time with friends, and going to the movies. Her job, too, is something she enjoys, appreciating a bit of out-of-the-house quiet time as she maintains restaurant cleanliness and gladly helping coworkers when the afternoon rush picks up.

Her job is something she takes seriously; over the course of the year, Marixa has gone from working with Perspectives staff to being entirely independent on the job, enjoying the responsibilities she takes on. Her coworkers agree that her work ethic is impeccable, her focus and dedication reflected back in the words of her manager, Joanne, who insists that "Marixa has been a model employee."

"She is always friendly and a pleasure to work with each day," says Joann, who also notes that Marixa is extremely responsible with requesting days off and arriving to each shift on time. "Marixa really has been a great hire since day one."

As the morning April sunlight washes over the restaurant, it catches Marixa's eye—she beams, completely content at Bonehead's and motivated to start yet another day. She's got the drive, patience, and persistence to succeed, and she demonstrates it in an environment that's all too happy to cheer her on.