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Sarah is Reaching Her Goals With the Drive to Succeed

By Sara Porcaro - March 29, 2017 Employment First Rhode Island
With spring fast on its way, the sun comes up earlier and earlier, and Sarah Hammersely is there to greet it when she gets ready for work at the local North Kingstown Wendy's. Sarah has been the early bird, working with the opening crew on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to prepare the day's salads and ensure the store is clean and ready for a long day of service.

The peaceful morning shifts, spanning 8:30 A.M to 11:30 A.M, let her relax as she works with her coworkers to transform the simple ingredients into dozens of items for potential customers. She has been an independent part of this team since April, 2016, with the support of Perspectives Employment Services and with staff transportation, and has been a dedicated, positive force, always focused and ready to work, earning the title of Employee of the Month in November. And it seems she brings the early sunshine inside, as well -- general manager Delaney recounts how she comes in each day "very positive, always smiling," commending her exceptional friendliness and knack for both teamwork and independent responsibilities.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys a day out with friends, a trip to the movies, and spending time partaking in other relaxing activities, such as making bracelets and other crafts. Rather than spending big, she prefers to save her money, finding more to appreciate in those quiet, gentle moments than extravagant adventures. She also enjoys keeping up with her health, frequenting the gym each week and staying strong.

As the store opens, the little restaurant soon thrums with activity, and her coworkers can be heard joking with her, singing, and enjoying their time together. Delaney beams when she says that Sarah is "really a great asset to [the Wendy's] team," going above and beyond by taking initiative and staying focused on the work she sets out to accomplish each morning. Her pride is certainly in her work -- she aims each day to demonstrate her strong, responsible work ethic.

Sarah's goals are to get a few more hours a week and take on more responsibilities -- goals inspired by her optimism, powerful drive to succeed, and her great sense of confidence in her abilities. She aims to save more with the extra hours and branch out to new work experiences. And even as the sun sets each day, she stays bright, ready to meet it again tomorrow with the new day.

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