Monday, March 30, 2015

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Mourning the Loss of a Good Friend and Family Member

To know Russell I believe you should know a little of his history, Russell was born on August 18th in 1944. He was placed in the Joseph H. Ladd Center where he became acquainted with ChristineandRay Snow. Over the next 30 years a bond was formed that has been proven to be unbreakable by lifeís many challenges. Despite being separated, at times for years, they always found their way back to each other. During this time Christine and Ray kept one simple promise that would later change Russellís life.

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 Who We Are 

Supporting People with Disabilities in Rhode Island

Perspectives Corporation is a private agency whose purpose is to help people with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities participate in and contribute to community life, empowering them with the dignity of being fully independent as possible.

 Our Core Values 

 Ethical Conduct (doing what's right)
 Health & Wellness (safety, fun)
 Quality (dignity, efficiency)
 Independence (risk taking)
 Vision (cutting edge, innovative)

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