Monday, September 25, 2017

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40 Years of Perspectives: Changing and Growing Together

Posted by: Sara Porcaro
A cluster of trees gather around in a semi-circle, huddling close to a shingled building in the center, almost crowding it. They tap at the windows and tickle the shingles, peeking inside; they're curious and excited, standing at attention for this house and all the activity within it. Even the little bush at the low stone wall seems eager to reach up and peer over into the yard, to see the brown house with its brick steps, shady porch, and big, open windows -- the house where people are bustling about and moving in.

This is the Kenyon Avenue group home. The year is 1977, and it's the start of Perspectives' Adult Residential Services; in fact, it's the start of Perspectives itself.

 Who We Are 

Supporting People with Disabilities in Rhode Island

Perspectives Corporation is a private agency whose purpose is to help people with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities participate in and contribute to community life, empowering them with the dignity of being fully independent as possible.

 Our Core Values 

 Ethical Conduct (doing what's right)
 Health & Wellness (safety, fun)
 Quality (dignity, efficiency)
 Independence (risk taking)
 Vision (cutting edge, innovative)

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