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Perspectives Youth and Family Services offers home based services utilizing 1:1 instruction to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We offer a language-based curriculum for children ranging in ages 2-15. Our instructional technology is derived from behavioral principles that are based on more than 50 years of scientific and clinical research. Research demonstrates that the principles of behavior analysis constitute a sound basis for intervention for children with autism. Presently, no other form of intervention offers comparable evidence of effectiveness.

Perspectives' HBTS program affords children an opportunity to acquire complex functional skills while ameliorating challenging behavior. Our curriculum is systematic, highly detailed, and addresses pivotal areas including foundational cognitive skills, functional communication, linguistic skills, conceptual skills, social cognition, and self-help skills.

Direct Care Support

Perspectives recognize that staff competency and teaching proficiency is imperative to successful intervention. Thus, staff training and supervision are integral components of our program. Child specific training occurs in the child's home under the direction of experienced clincial team members and senior level staff.

Direct care professionals receive considerable supervision as experienced staff conduct frequent on-site visits and senior level staff conduct regular clinical meetings. During clinical meetings staff demonstrate their teaching skills and receive feedback from their peers and supervisors. Our clinical supervisors emphasize demonstration of new programs and methods and allow ample opportunity for staff to demonstrate skills to insure treatment integrity and consistency.

Our department has developed a comprehensive training protocol that ensures that staff implement procedures effectively and independently. Our clinical supervisory team is highly experienced and has considerable expertise in curriculum development.

Our supervisory team is actively involved in dissemination of best practice at a national level and provides consultation and staff training to other agencies.

Parent involvement is paramount to the child's success in a home-based program. We therefore place considerable emphasis on parental participation and collaboration. Parents are encouraged to work directly with their children and implement the curriculum and behavior management programs. We provide explicit parent training that includes modeling, feedback, and explanation of the intervention process.

CEDARR Family Centers and Acceptance Criteria

Perspectives EIBI program accepts children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder via CEDARR Family Centers. Acceptance into the program also requires that the child be available for treatment on a daily basis at a time of day that guarantees that the child is capable of benefiting from intensive teaching.

As part of the HBTS licensure requirements set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, all treatment plans conducted under the EIBI Program are monitored by our staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts.


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