Trine West

Stop & Shop Grocery Bagger

"Trine is eager to help and goes outside of her normal duties to lend a hand."

— Marge, Stop & Shop Supervisor

For fifteen years Trine West worked for Stop & Shop in Narragansett. Trine started right out of high school and was working three to four days a week. Unfortunately, at the time, her shifts were changed and she was no longer able to work her schedule.

"Trine always comes to work with a smile on her face."
Stop & Shop Supervisor

In July of 2015, while shopping, Trine's former supervisor spotted her and asked her to come back. Trine jumped at the opportunity and has been employed at Stop & Shop on Point Judith Road in Narragansett ever since.

Eager to Help

Trine was rehired at 15 hours a week and works as a bagger, helping customers with their groceries and greeting them as they come through the line. Often Trine will even retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot when the store is busy. "Trine is very eager to help as needed and goes outside of her normal duties to lend a hand" says Trine's supervisor, Marge. She is a very independent worker and is not afraid to ask for assistance, either. Yet, although Trine does work independently, she receives supports through Perspectives Corporation staff for transportation. Because of this flexible support to and from work, she is able to pick up shifts during the busier summer months, which she graciously accepts as she is saving up for a cruise.

"Trine always comes to work with a smile on her face, and the customers love her because she is always happy and pleasant", remarks Trine's supervisor. Through her confidence and motivated nature it is no surprise that she is viewed as a hard worker and over the past year at Stop & Shop Trine has thrived with her outgoing, upbeat and friendly personality. Trine takes pride in doing her job well and ultimately, enjoys seeing and talking to her customers. "I love being at work", she says.