Norman McGiveney

Graphic Perspective Screen Printer

"Working for Amy is probably the best thing I have done with my life so far."

— Norman McGiveney, Screen Printer

Norman McGiveney, who receives supportive services from Perspectives Corporation, is a twenty-three year old with a great sense of humor and enthusiasm for his job. Amy Beretta operator at Graphic Perspectives, or "Sarge" as Norman has dubbed her, hired Norman in the Spring of 2014, where he has since become an essential part of their team.

"If I need help with something I can ask the job coach."
Norman McGiveney
Screen Printer

Although, presently Norman is very independent in his work, that was not always the case. In the early stages of his employment at Graphic Perspective, Norman relied on Perspectives Corporation support staff to help him with tasks and transportation to and from work. Being the ambitious person that he is however, Norman was determined to ensure his hard work pay off.

With Pride and Enthusiasm

When Norman first started working at Graphic Perspective he was assigned to enter design information into a computerized embroidery machine. Seeing as Norman had prior experience with computers, both in previous employment as well as at home, he took to his position with ease. Though a plan was put into place and Norman quickly grew to perform all his job duties independently, he still needed to rely on support staff to get him to and from work. Still, Norman remained dedicated, saving his paychecks, which in only a few months grew to be enough to contribute to the purchase of his first vehicle. From that point on Norman was able to drive himself to and from work.

"Recently I started doing deliveries to Johnston and Warwick and even to the Block Island Ferry" Norman grinned with pride and enthusiasm, "and through my connections at Graphic Perspectives I was able to (obtain a position) part time at Needle designs."

Meeting Each Challenge with Determination

In October of 2014 Norman applied for and was hired as a screen printer's assistant at Needle Designs in North Kingstown in addition to his employment at Graphic Perspectives. Norman's job duties have expanded from operating the screen press and drying machines, to include customer service, telephone and online ordering, and product delivery. In addition to his employment at Graphic Perspectives and Needle Designs, Norman works as a vendor at Hudson RPM. There, he is responsible for the stocking and rotation of magazines, (delivered weekly to a local Wal-Mart), for performing testing on the bottled water dispenser and monitoring inventory level, as well as the presentation of the Navajo sunglass racks. Because of all this, and the fact that Norman can now rely solely on his personal transportation, he can focus his savings elsewhere, such as the trip to Nova Scotia which he plans to take this summer.

Through the early supports he received and the opportunities his employment has allowed him, Norman no longer relies on support staff, even for transportation. Norman is the kind of guy who meets each challenge he faces with determination and the ambition to conquer all roadblocks. The initial support Norman received allotted him the opportunity to chase his dreams which he eventually became solely responsible for. When asked about his performance at work now, he says, "I am able to perform my work independently, but if I need help with something I can ask the job coach". Norman McGiveney is the perfect example of a success story obtained with the supports offered through Perspectives Corporation. Such aids allow an individual to receive the supports needed to enter into the work force, obtain new life skills, and possibly even gain a sense of empowerment and independence "I love everyone I work with even Jack," Norman joked while pointing to his co-worker.