Lydia Dubois

PriceRite Cashier

"Lydia is a joy to be around and we love having her at Price Rite."

— Samantha, PriceRite Supervisor

Lydia Dubois starts her shift 8am sharp at the PriceRite supermarket on Hartford Avenue in Johnston. To Lydia, the most important thing about her job is arriving on time and ready to work, and she relies on public transportation to get there.

"I like to make new friends."
Lydia Dubois
PriceRite Cashier

Lydia is relatively new to the PriceRite team, having been hired October 14, 2015. However, she already knows this is a job she intends to make a career. Prior to her employment at the supermarket, Lydia was a participant of Project|SEARCH, which is an international organization dedicated to assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve competitive employment. Through this program Lydia discovered her love for working as a cashier and for a short period filled a temporary position at The Miriam Hospital, a Project SEARCH host business. Unfortunately, after a few months, the full time employee returned from her maternity leave and Lydia was again looking for work. Through the services she receives at Perspectives Corporation, Lydia then began a job search focused on the skills she had learned through her time working at The Miriam Hospital. Less than two months later, Lydia was hired by PriceRite as a cashier.

A Perfect Fit

Currently, Lydia is working 28 hours per week as a cashier. In addition to being a cashier, Lydia occasionally stocks and cleans. However, her passion lies in her ability to interact with customers; assisting and greeting them. "I like to make new friends," Lydia states, and she undoubtedly does. Her enthusiasm working as a cashier has allowed her the opportunity to interact with an abundance of people on a daily basis and her cheerful, personable demeanor is a perfect fit for the position. Not only has Lydia excelled in the workplace during the past few months, but she has also gained independence and experiences outside of work. She enjoys activities such as going to the movies or shopping at the mall, both which she is able to participate in since obtaining her job at PriceRite.

Lydia strives to learn and perfect all of her tasks, especially the challenging ones. Counting back change is something Lydia has been working on becoming consistently accurate with, and over the past three months this has developed into a new ability of hers. "She has done very well with this and is no longer making mistakes," Samantha, Lydia's supervisor, remarks.

Unlike many young people, at the young age of 21 Lydia is working in a position she can see herself in for a very long time. When asked what her plans for the future are, Lydia smiles and replies that this is her dream. Working as a cashier is what she wants to do, and through the assistance of Project|SEARCH and Perspectives Corporation, who continues to support Lydia in the community, Lydia is proving herself to be a valuable member of the PriceRite team.