Karen Holmes

McDonald's Dining Room Attendant

"Karen always takes an initiative and knows her job completely."

— April, McDonald's Supervisor

Karen Holmes has worked at the McDonald's on Tower Hill Road in Wakefield for 24 years. She works 12 hours a week as a Dining Room Attendant and has received several pay increases during her time there. Karen's independent nature and proclivity for repetition and routine have made her a valuable member of the McDonald's team.

"She always arrives on time and comes in with a smile ready to go."
McDonald's Supervisor

As a Dining Room Attendant, Karen is responsible for keeping the dining room, entryways, and bathrooms clean. She sprays and wipes tables, empties the trash, sweeps and mops the floors and cleans the bathrooms. Karen also cleans windows and doors, refills sauce condiments and napkins, straws and containers. Additionally, Karen is responsible for keeping the beverage center clean and organized, and greets customers as they come in to dine.

An Exceptional Worker

Since Karen is a mostly non-verbal communicator, she does require job coaching assistance provided by Perspectives Corporation. Her 1:1 job coaching provides Karen with reliable transportation to and from her shifts. Karen also relies on these services to request days off, punch in and out, and communicate with her supervisor. Although Karen does rely on this job coaching, it in no way reflects that she is not independent in her work. Often, management will ask Karen to train new employees."Karen is an exceptional worker. She always takes an initiative and knows her job completely," states April, Karen's supervisor. "She always arrives on time and comes in with a smile ready to go."

Employment has provided Karen with a comfortable lifestyle. Outside of her job Karen enjoys the community by going out to eat, attending shows and going shopping. Karen has been on numerous vacations and day trips to amusement parks because of her employment and has earned a place not only among her peers but within her community. Karen's dedication to McDonald's has given her a great sense of pride and purpose.