Bethany Indeglia

Belmont Market Grocery Bagger

"Bethany is happy and enjoys the work she does."

Bethany Indeglia stands at the end of the grocery belt steadily bagging grocery items. She has held the position of a bagger for over thirteen years at Belmont Market in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Prior to working at Belmont, Bethany bagged for Edwards Grocery and Ro-Jack's Food Stores, both which stood in the very location Belmont now occupies.

Bethany does her job smiling, in her Patriots jacket as the cold air seeps in through the automatic doors. She works a total of 9 hours at Belmont, as she is scheduled from 12pm to 3 pm Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. In April 2016, Bethany advocated for this third day of work, which Belmont agreed to. This opportunity gave her a boost in confidence and in her abilities at work. Although Bethany works independently during her shifts, she relies upon Perspectives Corporation for transportation to and from work. Transportation services provide her the capability to remain a reliable member of the Belmont staff. In addition to transportation services, Bethany receives Day Program and Community Support Services from Perspectives Corporation Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm, except for the three days she works.

Aside from her job, which she has shown incredible dedication for, Bethany spends all the free time she can with her niece and nephews ages eight, ten and fourteen. Surprisingly, Bethany expresses her desire to save her money rather than plan activities, make big purchase or take vacations. Simple pleasures such as going to lunch, purchasing a coffee or going to the playground with her niece and nephews are most important to Bethany.

With the support of her family and the services she receives through Perspectives Corporation, Bethany remains dedicated to her position at Belmont Market. When asked what her hopes or goals are or merely if there is anything she would do to improve her work experience, Bethany smiles and plainly states, "no". She is happy and enjoys the work she does.