Children's Residential Services

Perspectives' Childrens Residential Services provides 24-hour professional support in a therapeutic home setting for children, ages 13 - 20, who have been diagnosed with special health care needs.


Children's Residential Services (CRS)

Perspectives' Youth & Family Services Residential program provides a home for children, ages 13 - 20, who have been diagnosed with special health care needs. The Residential program is an extensive expansion of the high quality home-based therapies that the Youth & Family Services division has been providing for over 10 years.

The house, which was constructed for the program on four acres of land in South Kingston, is designed to feel and function as a home for the children, while still providing 24 hour professional support.

The therapeutic setting incorporates cognitive behavioral supports with specific behavior modification strategies tailored to each child.

All residents will have access to and be provided with:

  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Medication evaluation & management
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language & communication therapy
  • And other medically prescribed treatment interventions

Perspectives strongly believes that regular community involvement and connections are vital element to enhance the individual's overall quality of life and human rights. Therefore, affording the children an opportunity to participate and contribute to their new community will be a goal in each treatment plan.

Additionally, Perspectives has established successful and longstanding relationships with numerous school systems and human service providers throughout the state. These relationships have been fostered over many years of successful collaboration within our Transitional School Services Program, Extended School Year Summer Program, and various contracts for individual consultation.

It is the goal of the program to remain family centered and include the family in all aspects of treatment. Regular communication and visits between the child and their family will be encouraged and supported within the best interest of the child. Additionally, some children may have a treatment goal of reunification with their family. However, for children who may require a longer stay at the program or transition to adult services, Perspectives is able to provide a continuum of care.