Shared Living Arrangements

Application Process

The Shared Living application process, illustrated by this step-by-step guide, is designed for the mutual benefit of the Home Provider and the individual being supported.


STEP 1: Application Form and Background Check

To become a Shared Living Home Provider, you must first complete the home provider application form, including personal references, education, and employment history. Your application will be subject to a criminal background check, a driving background check, and reference validation.

STEP 2: Informational Meeting

Upon approval of your application, an informational meeting will be scheduled with the Program Director where both parties will have an open discussion to understand the mutual requirements of the Shared Living Arrangements program.

STEP 3: Home Study and Inspection

A member of Perspectives Corporation's Environmental team conducts the Home Inspection. During the visit, they will inspect the home to ensure it meets Perspectives' standards and Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH) Licensing regulations.

STEP 4: Meetings & Interviews

Home providers may be required to attend multiple meetings for the purpose of information gathering in order to ensure the success of the matching process.

STEP 5: Pre-Service Training

Home providers must attend a Pre-Service Orientation before servicing anyone in the agency's program. Home providers must also submit proof of CPR and First Aid Certification. CPR and First Aid training are available through Perspectives for a fee.

STEP 6: The Matching Process

Upon approval, a Home Provider will be matched with an individual. Match proposals are based on information obtained during the screening process, referrals from the Division of Developmental Disabilities, agency recommendations, and your input. After placement, a Shared Living Service Coordinator from Perspectives Corporation will provide ongoing support to both the home provider and the placed individual.