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Perspectives Corporation | April 19, 2017

The Drive, Patience, and Persistence to Succeed

Marixa Lopez
Marixa, who receives support from Perspectives' Adult Day Services, recently hit her one year anniversary working at Bonehead's in West Warwick. Her job is something she takes seriously; over the course of the year, Marixa has gone from working with Perspectives staff to being entirely independent on the job, enjoying the responsibilities she takes on. Her coworkers agree that her work ethic is impeccable, her focus and dedication reflected back in the words of her manager, Joanne, who insists that "Marixa has been a model employee."
Perspectives Corporation | April 11, 2017

From Behind the Lens: New Experiences in Mike's Photography Class

Polar Square Designs | Photography Class
Picture this: eight hours, four students, five cameras, and an instructor unlocking the secrets to breathtaking photographs.

That's what Mike Spooner became a part of during the month of March. With his Nikon dSLR camera, Mike takes all manners of pictures on his own time and during outings with Perspectives' Adult Day Services activities supervisor Maren Fieguth -- which led him to the discovery of digital artist, photographer and teacher, Kate Taylor, owner of Polar Square Designs.
Perspectives Corporation | March 29, 2017

Sarah is Reaching Her Goals With the Drive to Succeed

Employment First Rhode Island
With spring fast on its way, the sun comes up earlier and earlier, and Sarah Hammersely is there to greet it when she gets ready for work at the local North Kingstown Wendy's. Sarah has been the early bird, working with the opening crew on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to prepare the day's salads and ensure the store is clean and ready for a long day of service.
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