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Perspectives Corporation | July 11, 2017

Person Centered Thinking and Planning Sessions

Disabilities Forum Rhode Island
The RI Division of Developmental Disabilities is partnering with the Conversion Institute at the Sherlock Center to hold a series of public forums about person-centeredness. The purpose of these forums is to share with you some information and descriptions of how other organizations have implemented person-centered thinking and to solicit your thoughts and your input into how it could be implemented in Rhode Island. These will be family-to-family discussions and will be facilitated by family members.
Perspectives Corporation | July 3, 2017

Open Forums for People with Disabilities

The Governor's Commission on Disabilities and a variety of other organizations will be co-hosting public forums throughout the state of Rhode Island. These forums are an opportunity for ALL people with disabilities and their families to speak out and voice their concerns.

There will be a panel of representatives present from several state agencies and community-based organizations to listen to the participants. These forums are being held throughout the state during the week of July 24th – 28th, as part of the 27th year anniversary celebration of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Perspectives Corporation | June 22, 2017

Helping People Is Her Calling

Perspectives Employment Services
Twice each week, Alexandria, who goes by Ali, works as an activities assistant for Hattie Ide Chaffee, ensuring that residents enjoy games and other organized events together. Upon starting in February this year, Ali, who also receives support from Perspectives Employment Services, has gone from receiving coaching with career developer Ashley Ponton to working entirely independently, including using the RIPTA bus for work. She also recently finished her spring semester at RIC, using UBER services and later the RIDE bus to get to campus. She is taking classes to further build her knowledge and skills for working with Hattie Ide Chaffee’s residents. Her graduation for her program is on track for May 2018, and she plans to stay working at Hattie Ide Chaffee.
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