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Autism Center of Excellence

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) Family-Centric Care for
children with Autism

The principles of behavioral analysis constitute a sound basis for the intervention with children with Autism.

In addition to home-based therapy, Perspectives Corporation offer a Center-Based therapy for children with Autism, where families can visit one of Perspectives Corporations therapy center in North Kingstown for treatment. To learn more please visit Perspectives Center-Based therapy web page.

What Is EIBI?

EIBI offers home-based therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; it is part of Perspectives Corporation’s Home-based Therapeutic Services (HBTS).

HBTS is an Executive Office of Human Services (formerly the Department of Human Services) administered program, managed by the CEDARR centers (see below), that provides intensive specialized in-home treatment for children, ages 3 to 21, with Autism Spectrum Disorder; or have special health care needs; or who are at risk for chronic, developmental or behavioral conditions. Please visit our Youth and Family Services web page for information on the other care and therapy services offered under the HBTS program.

EIBI utilizes instructional technology, which has been derived from more than 50 years of scientific and clinical research [1] [2] this research demonstrates that the principles of behavioral analysis constitute a sound basis for the intervention with children with Autism.

Presently, no other form of intervention offers comparable evidence of effectiveness.

EIBI affords children an opportunity to acquire complex functional skills while improving areas of deficiency. The curriculum is systematic and highly detailed and addresses pivotal areas including:

  • Foundation cognitive skills
  • Functional communication
  • Social skills
  • Social cognition
  • Linguistic skills
  • Self-help skills

Perspectives Corporation’s EIBI utilizes an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology which is designed and implemented by highly skilled, and experienced, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

How EIBI Works With You and Your Family
Finding The Words: Family Perspectives on Effective Autism Treatment Derived from Applied Behavior Analysis

When a family is initially referred to Perspectives Corporation by a CEDARR center, the Senior Director of the HBTS program will assess the needs of the child, and the family, with the goal of making the child’s treatment program family-centric. Family involvement is paramount to the success of the EIBI home-based program as emphasis is placed on parental participation and collaboration.

Perspectives Corporation firmly believes that in order to achieve successful long-term outcomes it is imperative to identify, develop and enable the strengths of the family.

The Senior Director will then work with an interdisciplinary care team comprising BCBA clinical supervisor, treatment consultant, treatment coordinator and behavior specialist to develop a unique, individualized, treatment program that will not only address the needs of the child but will also accommodate, and integrate into, the needs of the family.

When the treatment program has been developed the BCBA Clinical Supervisor will oversee all clinical aspects and will be the families’ contact throughout the duration of the treatment.

Who Is Eligible and What Are The Costs?

In order to be eligible for home-based EIBI the child must qualify via the Katie Beckett Waiver or via Medical Health Insurance. If eligibility is not achieved under Katie Beckett qualification or via health insurance, private pay is an option.

Eligibility Requirements for Katie Beckett
  • Under age 19
  • A Rhode Island resident
  • US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Meet income and resource requirements
  • Meet the Social Security Administration’s disability requirements
  • Require a level of care at home that is typically provided in a hospital, nursing facility or intermediate care facility for persons with mental retardation
Eligibility Requirements for Health Insurance
  • Active Medical health insurance
  • Under age 15

*Rhode Island State Law Chapter 27:20:11, Autism Disorders, which became effective on 1/1/2012 states:
Mandatory coverage for Autism spectrum disorders. – (a) Every group health insurance contract, or every group hospital or medical expense insurance policy, plan, or group policy delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state, by any health insurance carrier, on or after January 1, 2012, shall provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders; provided, however, the provisions of this chapter shall not apply to contracts, plans or group policies subject to the Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act, chapter 50 of this title, Medical Assistance, chapter 40-8, or subject to the Individual Health Insurance Coverage Act, chapter 18.5 of this title.

How To Apply?

To enroll your child in HBTS, for Perspectives Corporation’s EIBI program, your application must be submitted to, and approved by, CEDARR (Comprehensive Evaluation Diagnosis Assessment Referral Re-evaluation) family center services, which is part of the Department of Human Services. As soon as you have been approved you will be referred to a CEDARR partner, such as Perspectives Corporation, for the development and implementation of your child’s EIBI program.

CEDARR Centers:

Solutions CEDARR
(401) 461-4351
About Families
(401) 365-6855
Empowered Families
(401) 383-3669
Families First
335 R Prairie Ave, Suite 1A
Providence, RI 02905
(401) 444-7703

Perspectives Corporation's highly qualified, professional staff will work with your and your family led by a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) and will be supported by the services of paraprofessionals, as needed.

Perspectives Corporation's EIBI Staff

The team that will work with your and your family will be led by a licensed Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) and will be supported by the services of paraprofessionals, as needed.

BCBAs are certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

For information about Perspectives Corporation’s Youth and Family Services, please call (401) 294-8181.

1) Handleman, J.S., Harris, S., eds. Preschool Education Programs for Children with Autism (2nd ed). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed. 2000.
2) National Research Council. Educating Children with Autism. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 2001.