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Perspectives History Timeline 

Committed to Quality for Over 35 Years

Perspectives Corporation was founded in 1977 by its current President and CEO, David Ruppell.

Since those early years, Perspectives has reached many milestones to become the premium provider of services for youth and adults with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities, and has grown to be the largest, most comprehensive human services agency in the state of Rhode Island.


Alternatives, Inc. is formed

September 1977

Alternatives, Inc is formed. It is awarded a State contract to provide services for two group homes and an apartment program formerly operated by South County RIARC. (R.I. Association of Retarded Citizens). These programs include: Kenyon Ave, Wakefield - 11 people; Tower Hill Road, Wickford - 13 people; Wakefield Apartment Program, Wakefield - 14 people.

Perspectives Corporation is formed

March 1978

Perspectives Corporation is formed and awarded the contract for two programs, formerly operated by the Westerly chapter of RIARC: Highland Manor Group Home, Westerly - 18 people; Westerly Apartment Program, Westerly - 8 people.

Tower Hill Group Home closes

May 1979

425 Tower Hill Road closed. People moved into: Rodman Street, Narragansett; Fiore Drive, Narragansett.

Highland Manor Group Home closes

September 1979

Highland Manor Group Home closed. People moved to smaller settings at: Langworthy Road, Westerly; Westerly Group Home, Ashaway.

Circle Drive Group Home opens

May 1980

Circle Drive Group Home, North Kingstown opens.

Apartment Program opens

September 1981

Our first 24 hour supervised apartment program opens with 8 apartments at Heritage Village Apartment Program, North Kingstown.

Mockingbird Group Home opens

August 1984

Mockingbird Lane Group Home, Westerly opens.

East Greenwich Group Home opens

July 1985

East Greenwich Group Home opens because the State could not find suitable housing for 6 women.

Alternatives Job Placement Center (AJPC) opens

February 1987

Our first vocational training program, "The Winning Edge," opens - later to be called Alternatives Job Placement Center (AJPC), servicing 6 people from the East Greenwich Group Home.

Tower Street Group Home opens

November 1987

Tower Street Group Home, Westerly opens.

Kings Factory Group Home opens

May 1988

Kings Factory Road Group Home, Charlestown opens.

AJPC grows

August 1988

AJPC increases to 12 with the increase of people living at Kings Factory

Envisions Gallery opens

June 1989

Envisions Gallery in Charlestown opens with 3 artists we support

Day Services begin

October 1989

Two individuals from Spurwink are serviced; Person living at home receives day services; First time AJPC supports individuals living within another agency and home

Envisions Gallery moves to Wickford

September 1990

Envisions Gallery moves to Wickford with the number increasing to 5, adding 2 more artists

AJPC grows

September 1990

AJPC adds 4 more people with the opening of Crestwood Drive Group Home in Hope Valley

AJPC splits into North and South

September 1990

Due to increase in number of people we support and location, the Alternatives Job Placement Center splits into AJPC-North, North Kingstown and AJPC-South, Charlestown and Richmond

Crestwood Group Home opens

September 1990

Crestwood Drive Group Home, Hope Valley opens.

Envisions Gallery grows

October 1991

Envisions Gallery increases by 1 to include Mark who lived at home

AJPC expands services

January 1993

AJPC begins to support a variety of individuals not needing less than one on one support for job coaching. AJPC increased to service 2 individuals under the new CSLA (Community Supported Living Arrangement) support, as well as 2 new individuals who move to Tower Street.

AJPC-North grows

February 1993

AJPC-North increased by 1 with Chris who is supported by Spurwick residentially.

AJPC expands services

May 1993

Alternatives Job Placement Center (AJPC) continues to expand providing day supports to an individual living in a State Operated Home. Also in need of less than one on one support (shared supports).

Envisions Gallery opens Westerly store

July 1993

Envisions Gallery expands with the opening of the downtown Westerly store

AJPC expands services

September 1993

AJPC continues to expand their variety of services by supporting an individual living at the IMH requiring significant mental health services and communication needs

Contracts for all programs

January 1994

Perspectives Corporation assumes the contracts for all programs.

Envisions Gallery closes Wickford store

February 1994

Envisions Gallery expands by 1, closes the Wickford store and combines their location with AJPC-South and the Westerly Apartment Program office in the Westerly area.

Ladd Center closes

May 1994

Rhode Island's state institution, The Dr. Jopseh H. Ladd Center, closes

AJPC expands services

June 1994

AJPC begins individual, creative transitional services for students within the South Kingstown and Coventry School system

Evnision Gallery grows

October 1994

Envisions Gallery increases by 2 with Robin moving to Fiore Drive and Ed who lives at a State Operated Home

AJPC grows

October 1994

AJPC increases by 3 with the opening of Cosmo Street Group Home in Westerly

Cosmo Group Home opens

October 1994

Cosmo Street Group Home, Westerly opens.

AJPC-South expands services

February 1995

AJPC-South provides day support to another individual living at the IMH with significant mental health issues

Kingstown Apartment opens

September 1995

Kingstown Road Apartment, South Kingstown opens.

AJPC-Central opens

September 1995

5 new AJPC-South people with the opening of Kingstown Road Apartment in South Kingstown. Due to the growth of AJPC-South, the program divided, becoming AJPC-Central and AJCP-South

Perspectives becomes a Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor

October 1995

Perspectives becomes a Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor allowing us to provide pre-placement assessments, on-site job evaluations, job development and ongoing job coaching

AJPC-North grows

December 1995

East Greenwich increased by 1 which increases AJPC-North by 1

Vocational Program expands

January 1996

Individual creative school transitioning and career development in Chariho School System begins. Tutoring, job development and social skills development.

Lonsdale Group Home opens

February 1996

Lonsdale Street Duplex in West Warwick opened.

AJPC-Central grows

May 1996

With the opening of Jennings Street Group Home, AJPC-Central increases by 1

Jennings Street Group Home opens

May 1996

Jennings Street Group Home in Cranston opens.

Summer Program opens

June 1996

Development of a unique summer program for a student in the Chariho School system

AJPC-Central grows

June 1996

AJPC-Central increases by 1 with the opening on Moonstone

Moonstone Beach Group Home opens

July 1996

Moonstone Beach Road opened.

Arcadia Group Home opens

August 1996

Arcadia Group Home opened (Teaberry Lane, Hopkinton). Provided lots of movement throughout the agency and AJPC-North increases by 2.

Transitional and School Services begins

September 1996

AJPC - Transitional and School Services, a spin-off of AJPC-Central, created to meet a growing need in the community.

Perspectives Special Olympics Team begins

January 1997

Special Olympics team begins to compete

Youth Program begins

January 1997

EPSDT Program starts working with children under 21 years of age.

Riverview Group Home opens

January 1997

Riverview Group Home opens in Hope Valley. It is the first home bought by a person whom Perspectives supports.

AJPC renamed to Alternatives Community Support Services (ACSS)

March 1997

Due to the growing needs of our vocational services and needs, AJPC felt the need for a new title. The Alternative Job Placement Center becomes the Alternative Community Support Services (ACSS).

First Annual Perspectives Vocational Day

March 1997

1st annual Perspectives Vocational Day. 10 years of service!

Summer Program expands

June 1997

Summer programs developed in the following school systems: 1 Barrington, 1 Warwick, 2 Narragansett, 3 Chariho.

First Annual Vocational Picnic

July 1997

1st Annual Vocational Picnic at Yawgoo Ski Area.

School Services expand

September 1997

First full time student supported by Perspectives from Barrington School System. Follow through from summer program for two students in Narragensett and in Chariho.

School Services expand

October 1997

Provided consultant services within the South Kingstown School System.

Grayson Group Home opens

November 1997

Grayson Home (Warwick) opens for three young men.

Job Developer is hired

December 1997

A Job Developer is hired for 25 hours, who purpose is to network with employers seeking employees. The Job Developer works to match a person's skill with an available job.

Day Services reach a milestone

January 1998

As of January 1998, 90 individuals are serviced through day services which include Envisions, AJPC-North, AJPC-South, AJPC-Central, Transitional and School Services, EPSDT, ORS and Title 19 services. Provided one on one support staff for Travis in the Chariho School System. EPSDT referrals continue to increase. Special Olympics team for the clients of Perspectives is formed.

Summer Program expands

June 1998

Summer program for 15 students in local systems: - Narragansett, - Warwick, - South Kingstown, - Chariho, - Barrington, - Coventry, - Westerly, - Middletown.

Group Home opens

August 1998

Richmond Home - new home opens for two men who moved from home and one man who was looking for a change.

New Programs

September 1998

Spindrift I and II - ACSS - South continues to grow. We branch out into two more programs.

Vocational Program expands

September 1998

Redistribution of vocational program begins to foem the following: - Spindrft 1, - Spindrift 2, - ACSS Central, - ACSS North, - Coventry, - TSS 1/Family Services, - TSS 2/ Family Services, - TSS 2000.

Whipple Group Home opens

September 1998

Whipple group Home - (formerly Moonstone) home is purchased for the three men living in a rental. This provides them with more space and stability.

School Services expand

September 1998

Perspectives provides 1:1 aide support in 3 school systems: - South Kingstown, - Barrington, - Middletown.

Vocational Program grows

November 1998

4 Chariho High School students join us for vocational supports

Transitional School Services (TSS) founded

December 1998

With the growing number of children supported through Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Training (EPSDT), 45 as of 1/1/99, a Transitional School Services (TSS) division is founded

Peacedale Apartment Program opens

June 1999

The Peacedale Apartment program opens in Peacedale

Adult Day Services splits

March 2000

Coventry program splits into ADS 1 & 2 (Adult Day Services).

Hillsdale Avenue Group Home opens

February 2001

Hillsdale Avenue Group Home in Richmond opens.

Tanglewood Group Home Opens

January 2002

The Tanglewood Group Home opens in West Warwick

First 24-Hour Program opens

January 2002

First 24-hour program opens Kings Factory

Old North Road Group Home opens

July 2002

Old North Road Group Home in Kingston opens.

Brook Lane Group Home opens

September 2002

The Brook Lane Group Home opens in West Warwick

Adult Day Services expands

January 2003

ADS 3 & 4 are added to meet growing demand

Apartment Program merges

January 2004

Westerly Apartment Program combines with Spindrift

Davisvill Road Group Home opens

February 2004

Davisville Road Group Home in North Kingstown opens

School Services expand

January 2005

TBI offers services to the first student attending college

Heritage Apartment closes

February 2005

Heritage satellite apartment closes

First Annual Perspectives 5K Memorial Road Race

October 2005

First Annual Memorial 5k Road Race takes place at Goddard Park.

Adut Day Services merges

November 2005

TBI merges into ADS 4

Perspectives Community Center opens

November 2005

The ADS programs are unified and begin to offer classes at the Perspectives Community Center (PCC), formerly the Annex & North. The PCC becomes a place for adult learning, health and wellness and recreation.

Pond House Road Group Home opens

January 2006

Pond House Road Group Home in North Smithfield opens.

Peacedale Apartment Program merges

August 2006

The Peacedale Apartment program merges with the Old North Road Group Home

Meadowbrook Apartment Program opens

August 2006

The Woodruff Apartment program separates from Rodman Street group home and becomes the Meadowbrook Apartment program

Woodruff Apartment Program merges

August 2006

The Woodruff Apartment program (part of Rodman Street) merges into the Meadowbrook Apartment program

Perspectives Website launched

October 2006

Perspectives releases new and improved website for the public to include pages for News, Services, Employment and Contact information

Therapeutic Classroom for the Deaf opens

October 2006

Perspectives opens a Therapeutic Classroom for the Deaf, which began as an emergency outreach program and since that time has expanded with the goal of continued growth to provide comprehensive education support for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing who additionally present with significant emotional and behavioral healthcare needs.

Perspectives Intranet launched

January 2007

Perspectives launches a website for employees to send Messages internally and view information on Activities, post Classifieds, view Gallery Photos, Employment opportunities, and other resources.

First children's group home opens

February 2007

The Youth & Family Services division opens it's first children's group home in South Kingstown.

Perspectives 30th Anniversary

October 2007

Perspectives celebrates its 30th anniversary at Amalfi's in Narragansett. The theme of the celebration is Making A Difference Through Community Connections

PCC moves to Coventry

December 2007

The PCC moves from it's former location on Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown to the Elks Lodge in Coventry.

PASS Program begins

January 2008

The Youth & Family Services division adds a new program, Personal Assistance Services & Supports (PASS)

Kenyon Avenue Group Home closes

March 2008

Kenyon Avenue Group Homes closes. Residents move into current and new group homes.

Moonstone Beach Road Group Home opens

March 2008

Moonstone Beach Road Group Home in Wakefield opens.

Shared Living Arrangements Program begins

May 2008

Perspectives becomes an Authorized Placement Agency for Shared Living Arrangements

Pawtucket satellite office opens

March 2009

On March 1st, our Pawtucket location opened on Mineral Spring Avenue. Our goal is to expand our service delivery of intensive Home-Based Therapeutic Services (HBTS) and Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) for children and families throughout Northern Rhode Island.

Therapeutic Classroom for Autism Spectrum Disorder opens

March 2009

Perspectives Corporation is pleased to introduce Therapeutic Classroom for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Therapeutic Classroom is designed to offer children with autism the opportunity to receive intensive behavioral intervention that is specifically tailored to meet their individual educational, behavioral, and social needs in a manner that has been demonstrated to produce best outcomes in terms of both short and long term independent functioning.

Circle Drive group home closes

May 2009

Circle Drive group home closes

Dockray Group Home opens

May 2009

Dockray Group home opens

Jenning Avenue Group Home closes

July 2009

Jennings Avenue Group Homes closes.

Division Road Group Home opens

December 2009

Division Road Group Home in East Greenwich opens, with 7 residents

Outpatient clinic opens

April 2010

Outpatient Clinic opens, providing counseling to members of the community

Therapeutic Classroom for the Deaf closes

September 2010

Perspectives' Therapeutic Classroom for the Deaf closes

Meadowbrook Apartment Program closes

November 2010

Meadowbrook Apartment Program in Wakefield closes. Residents move into current group homes.

Graphic Perspective opens

January 2011

Graphic Perspective opens

Warwick satellite office opens

May 2011

Dewey Ave office opens in Warwick, for ADS Specialized Service & Transitional School Services

Grayson Group Home converts to SLA

June 2011

Grayson Group Home converts to an Shared Living Arrangement home with 2 residents

Old North Road Group Home closes

July 2011

Old North Road Group Home closes.

ABA Clinic opens

January 2012

ABA Clinic opens

Perspectives is accredited to provide ABA services

March 2012

Rhode Island passed the Autism ABA Mandate and Perspectives became credentialed to provide ABA treatment services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders with coverage from their commercial health insurance

Pawtucket satellite office closes

May 2012

Pawtucket Office closes, and reloactes to Lincoln location

Lincoln satellite office opens

May 2012

Lincoln Office opens

Therapeutic Classroom for ASD closes

June 2012

Perspectives' Therapeutic Classroom for Autism Specturm Disorder closes

Crestwood Group Home closes

August 2012

Crestwood Group Home closes. Residents move into current group homes.

Forest Park Group Home opens

November 2013

Forest Park Group Home opens in North Kingstown with 3 residents

Indian Trail Group Home opens

November 2013

Indian Trail Group Home opens in Narragnasett with 4 residents

Union Drive Apartment Program opens

November 2013

Union Drive Apartment Program opens with 7 residents

ALMC Day Program opens

November 2013

Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center (ALMC) Day Program opens in Wakefield, under Perspectives

ADS Community Based services begin

April 2014

ADS Community Based services begin

Employment Services Department opens

April 2014

Employment Services Department opens

Lincoln Office closes

April 2014

Lincoln Office closes

Shared Living Arrangement program grows

December 2014

Hillsdale Group Home converts to an Shared Living Arrangement home with 2 consumers

Graphic Perspective grows

April 2015

Graphic Perspective acquires Needle Designs

Union Drive Apartment Program closes

June 2015

Union Drive Apartment Program closes. Residents move to current group homes & SLA homes

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